How could we build a great team of African American politics, so that we could g

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    MsDay20posted 8 years ago

    How could we build a great team of African American politics, so that we could gain our country back

    Joseph Jackson worked Michael since he was little and he turned out to be the best, why cant we teach our young children black politics and culture that they dont learn in school, and send them out like ninjas to gain our Africa back. could we some how gain it back.

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    mintinfoposted 8 years ago

    What country? America is not and was never a Black country. That is an unrealistic expectation or goal.

    Also Africa is not a country. The countries in the continent of Africa are mostly but not all Black. Those that are Black have been struggling to manage their societies for centuries with minimal success. There are too many problems with too little resources to tackle them all. Education is the only solution.

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    PoetryBTposted 7 years ago

    I think that is such a profound question! Even though I was born in the seventies, I know much about the time before me  because of those who were older than me talking to me. Unlike today, the foundation mostly started at home. I don't want to our country to separated due to race. I firmly believe that if we All unite as a people and address our concernes as one we would get further. I also know that there are cultural attributes which makes us who we are, and that is great. However I also believe that the younger generation often neglects to see the hard work and selflessness that the pioneers like, Dr.Martin L.King, Rosa Parks, and countless others lived from day to day. I think that because the times have changed so much,and most young people usual can't think of anything worthy of fighting for,thus everything has been handed to them. If we still had to struggle to have equal rights, like in the 50's,60's and so on, things would be much different. Back then young people couldn't wait to grow up and become a productive part of our society; so that they could make a difference in the world.  It all begans with the values in the home.
    God Bless!!!