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Would you support Philosophy in the Primary, Intermediate, or Secondary classroo

  1. jkrishnamurti.com profile image53
    jkrishnamurti.composted 8 years ago

    Would you support Philosophy in the Primary, Intermediate, or Secondary classroom, as an elective?

    I am currently worming my way through the system as a Philosophy "Teacher" in the above grade levels. Currently some countries in other parts of the world are introducing Philosophy to younger students as an alternative Humanities and Social Science elective. I wish to do the same here in the USA, and if not here, then elsewhere.

    So, if you have something intelligent to add to the conversation, regardless of where you stand, please construct some criticism, support, or both. I am interested in what you have to say on the matter.


  2. Apostle Jack profile image60
    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    The philosophy of spiritual knowledge is what i teach
    concerning the divine and unknown thereof.
    Spirituality don't have DNA,atoms.elements nor matter
    yet it have action and reactions,and can cause a great
    destruction of both soul and spirit.
    Contrary to popular belief "thoughts"do not originate from
    the heart nor the mind it comes from the spirit that is in our
    terrestrial bodies.As an example.

  3. Gerry Hiles profile image57
    Gerry Hilesposted 7 years ago


    Children cannot possibly understand philosophy.

    Precious few adults can.

    Very few people, including very few 'philosophy lecturers', know what the word means.  Just about everyone believes that 'philosophy' is synonymous with 'ideology'.  It isn't, it isn't even a word, it's a Greek phrase  philo+logos.

    The love of (for) reason and discourse.

  4. fatfist profile image86
    fatfistposted 7 years ago

    Philosophy was hijacked by christianity and converted into a dogma, ideology and worldview.

    Those who teach philosophy are usually creationists who ponder whether the Universe was created by God, by a singularity, or all on its own from nothing. They have been brainwashed to assume that creation is the default position. People who have no ability to think and reason, should not be educators, much less have an opinion on anything.

    There is NO philosophy any more....at least not in the mainstream educational system.