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How to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts?

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    Amarpipposted 7 years ago

    How to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts?

    I often suffer from negative thoughts, when i was alone in my home and in sunday?

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    suman680posted 7 years ago

    It's really a good question.
    When you think about some negative, at this moment you touch  your heart and tell that "All is well... All is well... All is well..." and suddenly you out of your negative thought and you get some positive power.Your mind become fresh and you come out from your negative thought.
    Remember Two sentence :>
    1.Nothing Impossible.
    2.Just do it.     


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    VivienneMorgainposted 7 years ago

    I usually try to rephrase my thoughts. Even when you're thinking of a problem that needs to be solved you can manage thinking positively about it.
    For example when I have a lot to do, or have to catch up with my tasks I never say I have to work hard. I always say I deal with my duties easily. Thus you're concentrating on your tasks but you won't feel it difficult to tackle, neither you'll feel them a burden. I always say myself: I enjoy whatever I'm doing.

  4. SoundAdvice profile image56
    SoundAdviceposted 7 years ago

    Hi, There are numerous ways of dealing with such a situation. When negative thoughts strike you, act according to the situation you are in.

    For example if you are sitting idle and doing nothing (like you have mentioned that it happens when you are alone at home like on Sunday) then start doing something you really like and which will occupy your attention completely. For instance, start reading your favourite author's book, surf on the internet looking at sites that interest you, listen to music, watch a favourite movie, but the best of all is to go spend some time with a friend or talk to them on the phone. You can also try doing something new you have always wanted to do in the past. For example, learn a new craft in spare time etc.

    On the other hand if negative thoughts come when you are not being able to get something done then say to yourself "I can do this", it might seem silly but keep silently saying it to yourself and you'll see it works.

    Finally, never stretch yourself too much. Sometimes when we get too tired or have been working too long on something our brain rejects the idea of working and negative thoughts hit us.

    Keep a balance between work and leisure and you'll see the difference in no time. Hope this helps. Best of luck.

  5. abhishekbajaj512 profile image51
    abhishekbajaj512posted 7 years ago

    When negative thoughts come in your mind say STOP and watch picture of STOP of traffic signal in mind and they will be delay of time to process negative thoughts, you have to use importance of this time by positive thoughts.

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