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I see you are into psychology/psychiatry. What got you interested?

  1. Mighty Mom profile image85
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    I see you are into psychology/psychiatry. What got you interested?

  2. Naturalreflection profile image55
    Naturalreflectionposted 7 years ago

    Philosophy of religion made me realize thatyou can't answer everything with science. at least not yet. Psychiatry combines the science of brain chemical balances and the subjective experiences that we deal with in our mind. So yeah, pretty interesting.

  3. dutch84 profile image61
    dutch84posted 7 years ago

    I majored in psychology originally, because I like pontificating about the human mind and what makes people react the way they do in certain situations. I like thinking about people's intentions and motivations. I also like helping people discover who they are and reach their full potential. Originally, I wanted to be a psychiatrist. Then I felt like all psychiatrists do is prescribe drugs so I changed my interst to neuroscience. After learning more and more about the field I narrowed my interests to neuroengineering. That is what I am currently pursuing.

  4. deepthinker76 profile image55
    deepthinker76posted 7 years ago

    My interest in psychology dates back to 2003. I had just finished my military career and found it necessary to seek counseling to better adjust to “civilian life”. I met with a counselor on a regular basis for six weeks and was very attentive to her disposition as well as her love for her job and the difference she made in my life. It was then that I realized that I too could make a positive impact in the lives of others. I carefully examined all fields of psychology and any other field of study that would make a difference on the lives of others.

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