What are you talking about?The event planner,host,producer...Spirit Cheer is at

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    Lifeallstar1posted 7 years ago

    What are you talking about?The event planner,host,producer...Spirit Cheer is at fault plus others.

    Maybe not in the "suggestions" but they are worse than any coach could ever be.They saw us,it's because the guidelines are so vague.It's up to the host to explain.Did you see USASF's general guidelines?Who writes this stuff.A cast?What do you put on a cast to make it safe?The persons bone is still healing too.Megaphones?Please! When did you ever see that on stage.We ended up in 3rd place out of 15-20 people in our division&we were awful compared to others.I have the tape.The new girl was not signed as an alternate.She was falling&doing things her level can't do.They can't even call 911!Unreal!

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    coach486posted 7 years ago

    I am not arguing with you, very much agreeing. Not sure what you are referring to about megaphones as I didn't post regarding megaphones. How quickly did they call 911 because you would think after the incident in Massachusetts,it would have been a lesson learned (same company?)  What I was saying was that if the host company or governing body had a rule clearly defining that upon an injury prior to performance, a substitiute player or capable alternate would be the only way a team could attempt to recover their score, other than conceding the score in various areas like partner stunts and pyramids (eg. missing man)  The host company would have to rely on the coach's knowledge. The coach is therefore, bound to her AACCA and USASF credentials.  In those credentials, negligence and duty of care are clearly defined.  To put an alternate (and a player not at the level of the stunts being scored) without sufficient progression to that level imposes willful harm on the player and those she is stunting with. If the coach gets the nod from the host company to have additional time to re-work the routine, does the coach have a responsibility to be honest and say, "we are gonna just throw little Sally who never did this before in the routine"..OR does the host ask the question is there a capable alternate who has practiced the routine to perfection. I would agree that better rules need to be in place but as you have previously posted ...this is about an industry, and an industry that does not want a loss of neither control of the market or revenue. Was their an ambulance on site at this competition? What do you mean "they can't even call 911?