I would like to know the significance of soul connection through specific eyes

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    blessmysunnysoulposted 7 years ago

    I would like to know the significance of soul connection through specific eyes

    I have had recently where soul connection through the eyes...his being right dominant and mine left...what significance does this have? when this happened each time it was through his right and my left...there was no mistaking it. Thank you

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    LaughingRainposted 7 years ago

    Hi sunnySoul. You may be certain to find more answer to your question if you look into the Monroe Institute. They have done years of research regarding Hemisync, a scientific research lab where hundreds of people have gone to experiment with how the two lobes of the brain synchronize and communicate with each other, releasing memories, having visions, a natural way of mind expansion and awareness of self, others, and being.

    the soul connection through the eyes, as in a tantric way can communicate with another soul without saying a word. The energy that comes from the mind filters through the eye as a gleam, a light energy. We call it intuition for lack of a better description how it is we "know" certain things this way, and it releases endorphins when there is this knowing.
    it appears from your question, the two of you are experiencing a balancing of right to left brain hemispheres.

    we do this unconsciously every day, communicate with the eye energy, however we do resonate with certain others in a more intense way, as like attracts like. The paradox is that opposites attract also, for the balance factor I would guess.