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Are nurses in higher demand than doctors?

  1. thooghun profile image82
    thooghunposted 7 years ago

    Are nurses in higher demand than doctors?

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    nomadicasianposted 7 years ago

    It depends on the countries that requires services of more nurses than doctors.

  3. marystine profile image61
    marystineposted 7 years ago

    Hi, since there is a shortage of nurses, I would definitely say yes. Really depends what state/country your from but I know in Los Angeles, nurses come a dime a dozen but there are still a lot more jobs for a nurse than a doc. best of luck!!!!

  4. phiphi profile image59
    phiphiposted 7 years ago

    I think yes nurses in high demand in comparison and either the country needs

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    Toby Hansenposted 7 years ago

    Here in Victoria, we have a massive shortage of nurses. We are in the middle of a State election campaign. The current opposition are running ads on TV claiming that the current Premier could have spent tens of millions of dollars training and hiring new nurses.
    What the current opposition do not say in their ads, is that when they were last in power in the 1990s, they shut hospitals, sacked nurses, and cut health services to country areas.
    The Victorian Ambulance Service regularly "bypass" hospitals because the ER does not have the staff to cope.
    If an ambulance turns up when you call one. But that is the answer to another question.

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    ThePeeDeeWildcatposted 7 years ago

    Over my adult lifetime, I have found that there are two occupations that always seem to be short of laborers regardless of the economic circumstances of the day. Number one are nurses and number two, to a lesser extent, are truck drivers. Here in America, there is a growing shortage of physicians. Reasons for that growing shortage include the enormous time and expense of a medical education versus the later rewards, troublesome malpractice lawsuits and, I believe, the currently forthcoming rules and regulations pertaining to the Obama healthcare bill. So, to answer your basic question, I believe that nurses are currently in higher demand than physicians.

  7. NCBIer profile image61
    NCBIerposted 7 years ago

    I also think it depends on which country you are in. In the United States, nurses are in greater demand. Generally nurses are always in demand, particularly those with advanced degrees. The size of the aging population is increasing dramatically right now and the demand for doctors and nurses will as well, but likely the trend of needing more nurses than doctors will continue in the same direction.