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Do you believe marijuana should be legal in any since?

  1. cockrelle profile image57
    cockrelleposted 7 years ago

    Do you believe marijuana should be legal in any since?

    Please explain your answer best as possible. If you quote statistics please name your source of information.

  2. peterxdunn profile image59
    peterxdunnposted 7 years ago

    Yes - it should be legalized. The vast amounts of money spent on 'the war on drugs' and the tens of thousands of people imprisoned for drug offences has done absolutely nothing to reduce the availability of drugs on our streets.

    Add to this the fact that the combined detrimental effects of all the illegal drugs are infinitesimal when compared to the damage done by alcohol and tobacco and the case for legalization gets even stronger.

  3. cockrelle profile image57
    cockrelleposted 7 years ago

    Of course we know my opinion on the subject just from asking the question. But really look it up, Google it something. Because the fact is it’s no worse than cigarettes and is less harmful than alcohol. We could distribute From a State store much like liquor is sold. This would produce large amounts of money into the economy; Government sales would remove the criminal aspect of the issue. If they can’t profit from it then they probably would not waste their time with it. This would not only generate more income for the economy, but it could add jobs, paper could be made from the stalk. Government ran and sanctioned farms would create jobs and more taxes. We would be freeing up law enforcement to pursue more dangerous and Life destroying drugs. Save the state money from no trials or inmates for simple possession charges. I know that like everything else there is going to be a down side. But the idea is more than worth considering. It could be a simple step in the right direction. And the fact remains those who chose to smoke it are going to smoke it legal or not. Why waste money when you can profit?
    Great answer peterxdunn. very well ststed

  4. AKdude profile image59
    AKdudeposted 7 years ago

    I do believe marijuana should be legal. Medically, it does have several possible benefits. These could be better explored without the government harassing scientists.

    Our prisons and court systems are clogged with simple possession cases. It has been well-documented that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. It is not a gateway drug and doesn't foster crime.

    Up here in Alaska I live in a weed culture. By choice, I rarely partake, but I witness firsthand it's effects on people and society around me. I see smoking weed as being fairly harmless. Now truth be told, most of my pothead friends are not overly motivated, but most go to work everyday and function just fine in life. Most importantly of all, they are happy.

  5. justom profile image69
    justomposted 7 years ago

    It should be legalized period and NOT taxed. I don't want the government making a penny off my medication. As for stats I don't need 'em, I live 'em as do a lot of my friends.

  6. Zaiden Jace profile image67
    Zaiden Jaceposted 7 years ago

    Yes I believe it should be legal. If we can drink liquor and smoke cigarettes why not weed? Liquor intoxicates a person far more than marijuana and cigarettes cause cancer. It only makes sense for it to be legal like everything else