when asked for full disclosure, i was refused and charged for just being the ch

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    Suicides Painlessposted 7 years ago

    when asked for full disclosure, i was refused  and charged for just being the childs(age 16) mother?

    I was offered a pea before magistrate court only if I admit to child abuse. I was not home. Her father was with her and she was furious because she wanted to go to an overnight party and dad said no. That's when I went to my sisters house, to allow a time out period. while gone she attack him verbaly and he told me he had spanked her. I would like to show you photo's, but I was refused  full disclosure. I felt like I was being railroad by the corrupted judicial system because I'm disable. Is this how the law works? Please help my wondering soul the will to exist.

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    onlinelawyerposted 7 years ago


    It sounds like you should definitely try to find some counselling services in your area. I think you are really struggling with this problem and as a amateur therapist, you may be depressed as well.  The first thing you should do is to to get some help from a professional counselling service.  Legally, it is a common problem that arises with plea bargains where people end up admitting to something they didn't do in order to get reduced sentence on a lesser charge.  However, if you think you can get the truth into evidence using an affidavit this will help enormously and get the magistrate to see your side of the story. 

    Hope this helps.