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What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?

  1. ChilliWilly profile image59
    ChilliWillyposted 7 years ago

    What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?

  2. ambersagen profile image62
    ambersagenposted 7 years ago

    climb mt. Fuji in Japan. That would really be something.
    That and actually get payed for writing something smile

  3. Lisa HW profile image74
    Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

    Be free and have the same freedoms everyone else in America is supposed to have.  (Long story.)

  4. Supercellbaebe profile image60
    Supercellbaebeposted 7 years ago


    Witness a Supercell Thunderstorm in Tornado Alley in the USA.  Those storms are the fiercest, most violent and spectacular storms on the planet.  Tornadoes, lightning, thunder...  I'm in total awe of thunderstorms, I love them. To witness such a spectacle of nature would be beyond anything I could ever imagine or put words to.  Wow.  I will do this.  Not sure when, but I definitely will do it smile

  5. marymac47 profile image60
    marymac47posted 7 years ago

    Parachute sail off a boat on the Keys!! Now a have a Bum! body but, I watch it when I can! And go to Nova Scotia which I Will do !!