What is a stronger influence: Nature or Nurture

  1. Cheri Bermudez profile image83
    Cheri Bermudezposted 7 years ago

    What is a stronger influence: Nature or Nurture

    What do you think has more impact on personality/values/morals- nature (inherited DNA) or nurture (the environment in which one was brought up)? Do you think they're equivalent in influence?

  2. loua profile image60
    louaposted 7 years ago

    Nurturing is a quality of one's attribute and nature, it is the temperament that reflects one's attitude and behavior.  To nurture is to nourish and sustain with care and encouragement, this is the positive quality, attribute and nature of the human beast...

    The word nurture is an expression of one's nature where one has the nurturing-capacity, ability and potential-nature or not - you are one that nurtures life; or you are not one that nurtures life by nourishing  and sustaining, by caring and encouraging...

    One's personality is composed by  one's self(id, ego, superego) of one's spirit trait as it is invested in the value, wealth and worth of the ethics, morals and integrity that one inherits from family ethnic ancestry.  The dynamics of are based on the sense, ability and awareness the soul invest in see the big picture of existence - there is one energy family of which we are all part of its play to balance the forces that we have at our disposal... 

    The answer to your question is they are both part of the equation and must be balanced Nurture is a power and nature is a strength and the resulting force is nourished-care found in every inclusive, selfless and civil act...

  3. jelliott115 profile image60
    jelliott115posted 7 years ago

    I think to compare the two would be like asking "What is better for you, apple juice or relaxing." Both play important roles in our lifestyles and how we progress as individuals and are intertwined, not unrelated or comparable.

    Environment is something that can be changed. You can relocate. Your body will adapt accordingly over time both physically and mentally.. because it is coded within our DNA.

    Conversely, our DNA may make it harder to live in different environments. Allergens vary depending on location, and sensitivities are hardcoded into our being. Granted, sometimes you can overcome them after being repeatedly subjected to said allergen, but that was just one example in an ocean of examples.