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Is it possible to love your Enemy?

  1. Anonye profile image60
    Anonyeposted 6 years ago

    Is it possible to love your Enemy?

    I used to wounder how possible it is to love your enemy? When he or she has caused you some pains. But I also concluded perhaps I might  not have really grasped the right meaning of Enemyght  not have really grasped the right meaning of Enemy

  2. wheelinallover profile image78
    wheelinalloverposted 6 years ago

    As a general rule an enemy is someone we are taught to hate. An example of this is the man who killed my brother. Since he would kill me too if he had the chance he is my enemy. It is his action and willingness to repeat it that make this so. We are pretty much taught to hate those who take things from us.

    Can you love an enemy? Love and hate are closely related. In my life there is no room for hate or enemy's. Hate is a negative emotion and it saps energy needed for other things. Many times people feel hatred when another person does something which really displeases them. In reality its the action or actions that the hate is aimed at and this hate makes this person an enemy.So yes its possible to love someone who we consider an enemy, its their action not the person we should hate.

  3. jtyler profile image57
    jtylerposted 6 years ago

    Perhaps in some situations it is possible.  For example: you and someone you respect are in healthy competition (google vs bing, for example).  You both do everything you can to promote yourselves over the other, but it is of no harm to your personal relationship.

  4. saanj H profile image74
    saanj Hposted 6 years ago


    The true fact is no one is born with a hatred. I think no person is bad but it is the circumstances that compel a person to behave in a way which is not acceptable to others. It think love is more powerful than hatred and can help you in forgeting it forever.

    I hope this answers your question.

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