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Is suicide a permanent solution to get rid of severe pain.

  1. ramesh kavdia profile image60
    ramesh kavdiaposted 6 years ago

    Is suicide a permanent solution to get rid of severe pain.

    when no medicines for pain is effective.

  2. sanathara profile image60
    sanatharaposted 6 years ago

    Suicide is not a permanent solution for any troubles.As Hindu religion believes in re-birth,whatever pain or problems are written in our fate, we only have to bear.so,even if we end our life by suicide, then the remaining pain we will have to bear in next birth.we can not escape from that.

    The thought of suicide is nothing but the weakness and negativity of mind.There is solution for everything and so is the end of every pain.

    To get rid of this negative thought one should do Yoga with Pranayam to get rid of both, physical and mental pain.It works like a miracle.

  3. Awfranklin profile image59
    Awfranklinposted 6 years ago

    Suicide is never an answer.  It is completely terrible that one is in so much pain, but think about having to answer for what you've done after it, if you believe in religion that is.  Not  to mention what your family will feel.  I would say they have some sort of medication if it is that terrible, weather its morphine, or vicodin or something, but i'm no doctor.

  4. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    it's a permanent solution for just about anything. if the pain is that bad, it has to be terrible to live with each day. would i kill myself because of it, i doubt it. due to religion though, suicide is a sin, which i find hilarious, to me it's just a cowards way out in most cases.

  5. profile image0
    jasper420posted 6 years ago

    yes it is sucide is always a perminate way out of a tempory problem rather it be pain stress or what ever is the driving source

  6. Matt Stark profile image80
    Matt Starkposted 6 years ago

    Likely not.  With chronic pain, there are programs that can successfully help manage symptoms.  These programs often involve a physician, physical therapist, and psychiatrist.

  7. profile image52
    dustposted 5 years ago

    Mr. Stark, you may be correct for a good number of patients.  I'm not one of them.  I've been through every program one could imagine, including several rehab centers as well as several pain clinics.

    After seeing nearly 20 different Drs of various specialties (including more than one of each you listed) over the last several years not a one can help me an iota.  They will readily admit as much.

    So, medicine is not always the answer.  Some of us will suffer to such an extent that we live each day just to survive it....to get it over with.  If I am cursed with a long life I have 40 more years of this.  I can't even think past a few hours in my state.

    Sanathara: Have you walked a mile in your neighbor's moccasins?  I am not weak minded.  I can be accused of many things, but nobody I know would accuse me of that.  Yet I promise you that there is a level of pain then will break even the strongest of minds and wills.  You haven't experienced it yet, and I hope you never do.

    Unfotunately our lives are not completely our own.  We have responsibilites to family.  I can't take my pain and dump it on them through suicide. 

    And of course many will not care about this one, but we owe our God everything regardless of life's outcome.  He has ceated us and given us everything from our talents to our possessions to our loved ones.  He has also bought us for a most terrible price.  Even though I loathe my existence, taking my life would be as much murder as if I killed my neighbor.