Explain how the layout of a commercial kitchen affects work flow?

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    michaelrchef23posted 6 years ago

    Explain how the layout of a commercial kitchen affects work flow?

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    Galadriel Arwenposted 6 years ago

    The answer is same if you were to design a kitchen in your home. Consider the traffic lanes first and try to keep the furnishings as much as possible flat against the wall. Plan for a color that will add to visually enhance the size. Plan your layout carefully to take advantage of the wall space to find extra storage room. Select in scale furnishings and use accessories wisely. Store items near the place where they will be used to save time and make them more accessible. Placing a balance of pots, pans, and cooking accessories above the stove or on the wall clears clutter however they should not be overpowering. Adding space savers like free standing shelves serve more than one purpose providing storage and extra working space but they should not be so large they eliminate walkway space. Expand space with creative use of light fixtures to cast enough glow over the cooking counters to provide balance so that every area has adequate light. Paying attention to the essentials will make even the tiniest kitchen a comfortable, safe and pleasant work space. remember back-to-back arrangements and build-ins add convenience and make the room seem larger. When considering efficient use of space, proper arrangement of items is essential. Without proper use of space saving the commercial kitchen would require lots of extra time in preparation, plus the customers and staff would become frustrated with the extra time it takes to prepare a dish.