What are the banding or ribs that show up on close detail photographs of the Moo

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    somethgblueposted 6 years ago

    What are the banding or ribs that show up on close detail photographs of the Moon?

    Recently came across an article with close up shots of the moon and and took a few image captures that clearly show ribs or bands on the moon, anybody have any idea of what these are?

    I added three arrows at the top left hand side of this photo to indicate what I'm talking about. This banding seems to be in regular intervals with shadows on the upper side and are in fact quite large in comparison to the craters. Since we know it isn't man made who made them and what purpose do they serve.


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    Jlbowdenposted 6 years ago


    This banding on the moon is supposedly rather new to many. From what I have gathered about this anomally, it certainly appears that the banding, or ridges in those photos are not a mirage, or something of that nature.They without a doubt are real. But they may be proof of what some scientists, including those of NASA are trying to hide from the public. Proof in the way, that someone is responsible other than human beings for making those ridges or bands on the moons surface. The fact that life exists in other parts of the universe, even our our own moon, is no secret to many. However the government knows more than it claims and continues to hide this from the public and probably for everyones well-being. Sometimes you're better off, leaving well enough alone. At least that is how I sometimes view situations such as this. Thanks for sharing these photos and your curiosity with me. Hopefully I did help shed some light on your question.  Take care.


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    somethgblueposted 6 years ago

    Having been raised in an environment of lawyers, I rarely ask a question I don't already have an answer too. That being said NASA (Never A Straight Answer) has being lying to the public for almost the entire time it has existed. This question is mostly research for an upcoming hub on the subject and what the public is aware of. It's pretty certain humans didn't make them, however I'm trying to find out what 'our' perception of them are and to find out how far I can push my readers.

    Thank you, for your insight and yes it is helpful . . . may I quote you on the subject?

    Perhaps I should of asked is NASA protecting us from the truth?