What is your favorite last day of school story?

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  1. sholland10 profile image91
    sholland10posted 6 years ago

    What is your favorite last day of school story?

  2. KrystalD profile image72
    KrystalDposted 6 years ago

    My first year of teaching was my strongest last day memory. I had went on such a journey of trial and error with those kids! In the end, we had bonded in a very special way. It was a 2nd grade class and I was going to be leaving the state to move closer to my family. The gifts, cards, letters and pictures were so heart warming. I still think of those students foundly.

  3. Joelipoo profile image81
    Joelipooposted 6 years ago

    My last day of student teaching we went on a field trip, and I got to play with the students and have fun in a non school setting. When we came back, they had a surprise party planned for me. We had ice cream, and the students had all made cards and things for me. It was really sweet and touching. Moments like that make teaching so special and rewarding.

  4. justateacher profile image80
    justateacherposted 6 years ago

    For the past 15 years, the last day of school has been just one big party...It begins with an awards ceremony that celebrates everything from perfect grades and perfect attendance to those with the most effort...after that we have a family picnic with all students and their families being served hot dogs, potato chips, some sort of fruit and juice or water...after the picnic students go back to class to clear out desks and such and then it's out to the playground or into the gym for the annual kickball game (if weather is good) or volley ball (if it is raining or otherwise not agreeable to being outside.) The game is staff against the fifth grade graduating class. After the game, students either go back to class for autograph signing and singing songs with the teachers or they get to go home early. Those students who stay ( a majority of them do) get to see the official send off to summer - the teachers line the bus drive and do the can-can while waving students off to summer. Later in the evening, teachers retire to the home of one of the staff to enjoy the pool and some adult refreshments. It is one of the most enjoyable days of the school year!

  5. billybuc profile image86
    billybucposted 6 years ago

    This question is being answered differently than the way I would have answered it.  Everyone is answering from a teacher's point of view and for me, when I was teaching, I didn't like the last day because I always had either 8th graders or seniors and I was losing them.  It was hard to say goodbye to those kids and I never enjoyed it.

    However, when I was a student I absolutely loved the last day of high school because I was finally going to college and leaving home and could hardly wait for the freedom that all entailed.

  6. teaches12345 profile image94
    teaches12345posted 6 years ago

    I love the Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You'll Go!.  I read this to my college aged students at the end of module. It is one that they enjoy and it encourages them in life's sweet adventures. I read this to my ethics class and saw tears from some of the students. It is always rewarding to know that you have touched lives and offered hope.

  7. Slices of Life profile image73
    Slices of Lifeposted 6 years ago

    As far as I can remember, every single last day of school story I ever experienced has been my favorite. Well because I got 10-12 weeks to just unwind and relax before another 9 months of school "fun".


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