Who was your favorite teacher and why?

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  1. Peter Leeper profile image60
    Peter Leeperposted 12 years ago

    Who was your favorite teacher and why?

    please specify what level of education your choice taught you.

  2. lbsf1 profile image80
    lbsf1posted 12 years ago

    Miss Demetriou our science teacher for GCSE. She was the most relaxed teacher in the world, and that really gelled with our top set class. She only set work that needed doing, where as some just set work for the sake of it. This meant all the work we did we tried 110% at. I would put it completely down to her that I got an A* in my Biology (which is my worst science).

  3. Ramsa1 profile image60
    Ramsa1posted 12 years ago

    My high school geography teacher. Reason: she was positive and encouraged us to do good work, not only in geography, but in all subjects. I wanted to do my best just to make her happy.

  4. kschimmel profile image71
    kschimmelposted 12 years ago

    My high school physics teacher encouraged me to study science at a time when most girls did not.  I'm still grateful for all the enrichment opportunities he found for me both in school and in the community.

  5. xethonxq profile image66
    xethonxqposted 12 years ago

    My high school English teacher, Mr. Dubs. He was witty, thought provoking, challenging, and smart as hell. One day we were doing impromptu speeches and he got up in front of the class and did a 5 minutes speech on snot. It was HILARIOUS and inspired a creative streak in the entire class. We all loved it and became better students for his droll, comedic style when teaching his class. Kids want to learn when they have fun doing it. smile

    BTW...I ended up getting my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I work with kids and use humor all the time to help them learn how to regulate their emotions better. smile

  6. profile image0
    oldandwiseposted 12 years ago

    My Junior high science teacher. He took science to new highs. It was a rewarding class in many ways. I will never forget the trips to Pa to hunt for fossils.

  7. Ben716 profile image90
    Ben716posted 12 years ago

    My high school English teacher. English being my second language, my English teacher who taught me for the four years in high school was always encouraging and it is no wonder I used to do well in this subject. That's the reason I ca be able to write for a site such as Hubpages. She was patient with us boys and always explained every detail especially when it came to literature. Reading a short story book, she would explain in a way everyone understood it when it comes to analyzing such a book.

  8. shampa sadhya profile image74
    shampa sadhyaposted 12 years ago

    Many teachers fascinated me but in school and college both my English teacher fascinated me the most. It was not only because of their teaching ability but the way they presented themselves to the students. It was simply marvelous. In my university days my English lecturer of my college days dominated the show. Whenever she came for the classes as a visiting teacher she made a special mark in my mind among all the other English teachers in the university..

  9. macveexb profile image61
    macveexbposted 12 years ago

    Miss Briggs my college Algebra II and Calculus teacher.  I was returning to college for a second time to obtain an Engineering degree.  I had not had alot of success in mathematics in high school, and I had just eked by mathematically in obtaining a Business degree the first time in college.  I was downright scared the first day of class. 

    As the days went by I struggled with the work but Miss Briggs was always available after class to answer my questions and work with me.  Several weeks went by and I went to Miss Briggs to help me with a another problem.  As we started to look at my work, I apologized to her for being so poor in math.  She looked at me and smiled and said, "You're not poor in math.  You are very good.  Once you understand the problem, you fly."  I had never had a math teacher give me a compliment and, certainly, no math teacher had ever said that I was good in math. My fear of math melted away and I never looked back.  I graduated three years later with a Civil Engineering degree. 

    God put Miss Briggs in my path and I am thankful.

  10. Peter Leeper profile image60
    Peter Leeperposted 12 years ago

    It would have had to have been my 10th grade English teacher Mr. Partridge.  His teaching style was encouraging and inspired his class to truly read their assigned books and discuss the inner meanings to certain passage instead of taking them at face value.  He was also good about congratulating his students when they made deft points and pushing them to try harder and think deeper when they weren't seeing the big picture.

  11. fpherj48 profile image60
    fpherj48posted 12 years ago

    I really didn't have a"favorite" High School teacher.  I either liked them or I didn't.  I never had any issues with any of them because I was an honor student and didn't cause any problems in my classes......so, really, no reason for them to talk to me.  I went to private school and had a circle of friends, but it was 18 miles from where I lived.  School for me was like most people think of their jobs....You go, put your time in, do your best....and go home for all the rest of life's activities.  I wasn't one of those students who just LOVED school.  I also didn't dislike it.  Teachers provided me the education and that's all I expected.  After HS..I got my degree in pieces over a period of 6 years.....teachers/professors were total strangers to me.


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