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Have you ever though of becoming an Astronaut before?

  1. CloudExplorer profile image78
    CloudExplorerposted 6 years ago

    Have you ever though of becoming an Astronaut before?

    If so explain in detail what you had to learn to become one, or if you know of such info please feel free to provide what info you have available, even as a hub if need be.


  2. Alexander Mark profile image84
    Alexander Markposted 6 years ago

    Like many kids, I did want to be an astronaut, but did not understand all that went in to becoming one. Becoming a fighter pilot is one thing you can do to raise your chances. But I think the bare minimum is to have a master's degree in something like aeronautical engineering, but you are going to be a more serious contender with a doctorate and specializing in mission specific education. Maybe robotics or biology. Even as a shuttle pilot, you have many more duties to attend to in space so one cannot just become a fighter jock with a regular degree in basket weaving and expect to make it into the astronaut corps, your entire career path must be completely focused on the needs of the space program. Civic involvement is a must as well, they have to see a driven individual who can handle a great deal of stress and someone who contributes to the community where ever he may be. This isn't completely gospel, I have no doubt that the NASA website can lead you in the right direction.

  3. Ciel Clark profile image73
    Ciel Clarkposted 6 years ago

    Yes.  I would sign on to travel to another planet even with no chance of returning to earth...  Except for my family here.

    Same reason I didn't stay in New Zealand!

  4. aza yue profile image61
    aza yueposted 6 years ago

    It is so cool to become an astronaut . I have been thought of becoming an airline stewardess. Both of them are excellent and cool.