Does the media play a part in these acts of violence in schools?

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    Joelipooposted 5 years ago

    Does the media play a part in these acts of violence in schools?

    Monday, there was a school shooting in Chardon High School in Ohio.  On Tuesday, three other Northeast, Ohio high schools were evactuated because of threats.  Wednesday, another high school nearby had a threat.  Does all the media attention given to these shootings influence other students to get attention by making threats?

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    scottwkelleyposted 5 years ago

    There is no doubt in my mind that the media is reckless with entertainment values. As media grows and people, students, children are watching and believing what they are seeing and hearing is entertainment, not news. We can say it is news but at what cost as the whole story will never be known as segments are edited to achieve a higher ranking and commissioned money.
    While I feel that the gun owners should take responsibility, and the schools should be more aware of student activities when it comes to hatred we know that there will always be a bully who will take things to a limit of such rage that the outcome is a sad one.
    My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and I am sure they are looking for answers to many questions. The media may or may not tell the whole story but I will guarantee that if there is no value in the story as entertainment we will never get to the truth of the matter.
    It has been questioned once if video games of violence is having an impact also. But no matter what, I am sure there were signs of the conflicts that took place. Does the media heighten these elements, I would have to say yes. Does the internet give knowledge on how to do anything? I would have to say yes!
    The questions fall onto the parents, the elders, the teachers and all adults as to how we as a society can rectify such events from occurring again.
    Education is the key and I would hope the media will understand their importance to educate and inform the masses so we can get to a greater understanding of cause and effect.
    I know from experience that growing up can be confusing. We shove our children into a overwhelming society of people called a public school and I can assure you that I myself would not want to put myself through that hell ever again. But we do it everyday expecting peace love and harmony out of it. It just isn't that way and we need to be more aware of it, with clarity, focus and compassion for all.