Why do you not agree with the current methods of Oil and Gas Exploration used th

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  1. Pearldiver profile image80
    Pearldiverposted 6 years ago

    Why do you not agree with the current methods of Oil and Gas Exploration used throughout our world?

    Please explain why you consider the people of the world should not accept such practices and what suggestions you have in regard to alternative energies, or less destructive methods of energy development.

  2. rafken profile image77
    rafkenposted 6 years ago

    At this time there is a lot of support for not drilling etc. However, as natural resources become scarcer that support will erode. Therefore I think that the ecologists should NOT be saying people cannot drill for oil, whilst they have the support they should establish strict safety measures for the environment, the oil companies may say it is not financially viable and walk away FOR NOW. As oil gets in shorter supply it will become more and more economically viable and the companies will eventually drill but the safety measures have already been set, which is just as well as popular opposition to drilling would have dwindled.

  3. Druid Dude profile image61
    Druid Dudeposted 6 years ago

    The ownership of the land is obscene, and the hogging of the world's resources by the few is equally so. The harvesting of the riches, which in truth belong to all living things only make more greed and pollution. I would rather push a handcart if what this "civilization" does will decrease the standard of living, or eliminate the possibility of continued life on earth, simply because we can. We need to regard the implications of our actions well, especially if it has a global effect. For instance, the Japan Tsunami debris is being tracked as it makes it's way towards American landfall, therefore, the industrial waste produced by the Super Industrialization of China, pollutants from which finds it's way into the rivers and then the ocean can also be tracked as IT makes it way across the same ocean. The air stream from that same industrialization gets here a lot quicker. The seeking of oil and gas deposits is highly polluting. We owe it to the coming generations to eliminate as much of the dangers as we can.

  4. Doc Snow profile image92
    Doc Snowposted 6 years ago

    We urgently need to move toward renewable energy sources:  solar, wind, hydro-electric, geothermal, tidal, biomass.

    They have been making great strides in recent years; renewable projects are in play in over 80 nations now, and growth rates have been on the order of 30% per year.  The technology is much more mature than most people realize, and if we were to make a strong commitment to renewables, we would make a great start toward the lengthy and arduous process of kicking the fossil fuel habit.

    We need to do that; we are probably already committed to enough global warming to lose Arctic summer ice cover in the next decade or so--mainstream projections now estimate that to occur by 2030, and I personally expect it sooner.  That will add another dollop of warming to the system.

    As I say, I don't think this is avoidable anymore, but I do think that it could get a lot worse than that, and that's what we need to avoid.


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