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What are the costs and benefits to requiring children to attend school all year?

  1. stephhicks68 profile image86
    stephhicks68posted 6 years ago

    What are the costs and benefits to requiring children to attend school all year?

    Some experts believe that kids lose a half year of schooling by taking the summer off.  Should we require them to go to school year round?  Why or why not?

  2. the girls profile image81
    the girlsposted 6 years ago

    Hi Steph! I am not sure what is the basis of some experts requiring children to attend school all year. With the current set-up that we take the summer off, there are still a lot of children that we can't hold on to attend the whole school year.

    Having summer vacation is the education's system worldwide and it is generally working pretty well. What is the motive of removing the summer vacation? Cost wise, it will be way more expensive with the additional months to attend school.

  3. stephhicks68 profile image86
    stephhicks68posted 5 years ago

    Hi "Girls" - I think the thought is that, by continuing education year-round, the kids do not lose knowledge over the summer so that, in the end, it may be more cost-effective because teachers do not have to spend the first few months every fall re-teaching stuff from the previous year.

    But I am curious to read a hub from someone that has researched the pros and cons of having kids attend school all year.  Cost is probably a big factor, among other things.  Thanks!  Steph

  4. rave1432 profile image60
    rave1432posted 5 years ago

    I have been in year around school. It actually helps to not to forget what you have learned, rather than taking that long break to do nothing but play and watch television. I am not saying the kids do not need a break, but I think they should have less of a long summer break.

  5. Rev. Akins profile image76
    Rev. Akinsposted 5 years ago

    I think it is a great idea, have more breaks but smaller in duration. The problem I keep encountering is the almighty ball- be it a baseball, basketball or football. Sports seem to stop the process every time someone tries to get it started. Some people are so set on making sure the sports are played at certain times that school has to cater to them. I would love to see more schools go to a year round schedule. I think the best one I heard was 9 weeks on and then 2 weeks off for spring and fall and 3-4 weeks off for winter and summer.
    As a culture, we also go to school less than most other nations, it might make sense to give our kids at least a fighting chance when they become adults. smile

  6. JASCO4EDUCATION profile image60
    JASCO4EDUCATIONposted 5 years ago

    It is true that kids lose a lot when they leave school for the summer. I think for the sake of retention and true learning that kids should go to school all throughout the year. There should be some breaks in between though. I think that kids and the teachers would benefit for the fact of my concentrated subject matter, less stress for standardized testing periods, and a better assessment of student learning.