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Should schools place more emphasis on the creative arts?

  1. Athlyn Green profile image96
    Athlyn Greenposted 5 years ago

    Should schools place more emphasis on the creative arts?

    Would children enjoy school more if it was less regimented and encouraged creativity?

  2. Aarisa profile image60
    Aarisaposted 5 years ago

    I teach at a school for the arts, naturally I would say yes.  Studies show that children who play an instrument show more academic gains.  Students need an outlet...whether they find it in visual arts, drama, creative writing, instrumental, dance, photography or another area...I think it is a necessity. If I did not work in an arts school, I would weave more art opportunities into my assignments.

    You can check out my school on YouTube. Cleveland School of the Arts animoto video.

    1. Aarisa profile image60
      Aarisaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Yes,yes,yes! If art programs R cut 4 budget purposes, pick up some of the slack & add art into ur lessons.  Should U have 2? No. However our kids need it, so why wouldn't U? Not in your curriculum?  Time to retire. Great teachers go above & b

  3. readwriteteach profile image61
    readwriteteachposted 5 years ago

    In fifth grade, our school music teacher gave all of us students a hearing test for music pitch.  I tested very high along with several other students, so we didn't even get asked. We were told that we would be part of the school orchestra. It wasn't done in a mean way. We were treated as if having this perfect music pitch was a gift that should be shared. Because I was tall, I was given the choice of playing either the cello or the string bass. The other tall girl, chose the cello first because she didn't want to play the big bass. This was the best thing that ever happened to me. I took to playing the bass like I was born to do it. I eventually took private lessons, won several competitions over the years and played in the Philharmonic Orchestra for a few years as well as guest played with our state Symphony orchestra a couple of times. Playing an instrument, especially in orchestra, taught me that I am creative. The competitions taught me that I am strong and gave me confidence. The individual practice time and orchestra rehearsals taught me the value of discipline and commitment, and playing with other tremendous musicians taught me about teamwork and the beauty and value it can yield, and it all started with the arts in my grade school. Yes. Schools should absolutely place more emphasis on the arts.

  4. talfonso profile image82
    talfonsoposted 5 years ago

    Dear golly, YES! But it really takes money.

    In times of budget cuts, many teachers cut back on things that kids love, and the arts is a really big field to cut cost corners on.

    Here's a good idea for schools to incorporate the creative arts. Singing songs related to the curriculum is a cheap idea. They don't need a program that encourages singing in non-music classes. All they need is to make up song parodies to songs kids know. One French class sang a song on the terms for the days of the week to the FLINTSTONES theme.

    Hey, I'm no Howard Goodall, but I would like to see teachers singing songs about the subject matter to kids and them singing along. This method helps them retain the lesson learned more and still expose them to the arts.

    Another way I see an activity that places more emphasis on the creative arts is to assign interactive notebooks. Those are notebooks which they can decorate and still write their notes. I had done this in middle and high school social studies classes and I got good grades on them since.

    Arts programs aren't free, but incorporating the arts in a way that fit both budget and practical curriculum does.

  5. prekcarolyn profile image72
    prekcarolynposted 5 years ago

    I think the research speaks for itself that students who are involved in the arts do better in school and it promotes self confidence.  I think most educators and systems would prefer to have arts in the schools but with budget cuts continuing every year, it is often lost to the children.  I was a band geek in school and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Unlike READWRITETEACH, I tested very low on the music pitch test and it was recommended to my parents that I not get involved in playing an instrument.  However, I really wanted to play the flute and so my parents fought for me and the middle school band director gave me a chance.  I loved it and, as it turned out, those tests are not always accurate as I played 1st and 2nd chair throughout my musical experience in middle and high school, becoming a section leader in the marching band.  Being a part of a group gave me a lot of confidence and plenty of friends who had music in common with me.  I didn't particularly like school as a child, but I showed up every day because music was waiting for me there!

  6. Nan Mynatt profile image60
    Nan Mynattposted 5 years ago

    Most schools do have creative arts programs.  They have theatre, art, band, orchestra and dance starting in the middle schools. If the child takes an instrument in school, they can also have private lessons. I played violin in middle school and my parents gave me private lessons. Altogether I played 3 musical instruments. Sports for boys as well as girls is an attraction for school interest.

    Schools should prepare kids for college, trade schools and jobs. You can't have all play at school.

  7. iggy-kun profile image60
    iggy-kunposted 5 years ago

    I think so, but I can see why others wouldn't. I am in orchestra, and I love art class. Personally, I think school would be a lot more fun if we were able to do more creative arts related things. But most people probably won't go into an art job when they are older (of any kind, like music), so I can see why we need a lot more of regular classes with strictness. But if they were less regimented, we really wouldn't get much real work done, but I would enjoy being at school more. Creative arts are great for getting away from regular, boring school work.