Views on Online College vs. Traditional College.

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    Whittneyposted 5 years ago

    Views on Online College vs. Traditional College.

    Most employers today stick with what they know and are familiar with which is Traditional Colleges. What is the biggest problem with Online Colleges?

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    WritingPromptsposted 5 years ago

    I attended a state school right out of high school.  I went to lectures in a room with 200 other students and had instructors that I never talked to.  I also found many of the classes I did not have to study for because they were only repeating information I'd learned in high school.  My opinion of traditional colleges is not that great.

    When I went back to school many years later to get my BS degree, I found small class sizes, mandatory participation as part of the grade (so the small classes had a LOT of discussion), and instructors that responded to most of the questions and comments we posted on our forums.  I felt that I learned a lot more with the online classes than I ever did in a traditional setting.

    One other factor though, is age.  I was older and more serious about school.  A lot of times what you get out of a course has more to do with what you put into it than the format that it's taught.  Even if I had been a more serious student, the interaction between teachers and students online was a huge plus that traditional colleges would have a hard time matching without similar small class sizes and grade-related pressure for everyone to participate.

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    Kelly Underwoodposted 5 years ago

    Both type of learning is the same it just that the environment they're into are different. Employers must learn how to widen their scope and be informed that people who went into online trade school ( are also good and can handle a serious job.