When the first human is cloned, where will his "soul" come from?

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  1. peanutroaster profile image64
    peanutroasterposted 11 years ago

    When the first human is cloned, where will his "soul" come from?

    Human cloning is not illegal in some countries.  Eventually someone will do it.  If you believe in the concept of a soul, what will happen to this new human?  Will they be soul-less or will they share the soul of the cell donner?

  2. xanzacow profile image60
    xanzacowposted 11 years ago

    My belief.....this is where your zombies will come from. Cloning is not natural. Unnatural things will come from it.

    1. lone77star profile image71
      lone77starposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Zombies? I'm not so sure. They may look just like you or me, but they will never have the same kind of inspiration, the ability to forgive or the ability to create miracles, as I have done. It takes a child of God to do such things, not Homo sapiens

    2. Spongy0llama profile image81
      Spongy0llamaposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I don't like it when people use the word "natural" assuming they know what it means.

  3. lone77star profile image71
    lone77starposted 11 years ago

    Souls (our true selves) don't come from physical sources. They are attached to bodies sometime in the growth process. So, they come from the same place that souls come from when a baby is born.

    God created us in His image and likeness. That makes us inherently non-physical, spiritual and immortal sources of creation. Baby gods. But because of the forbidden fruit -- dichotomies of ego -- we have forgotten who we really are.

    We could run out of souls (true, spiritual selves), but that could happen just as easily to babies as it could to clones.

    My research into Genesis and science reveals that God created Noah's flood to eliminate a genetic threat to the future of Homo sapiens. If scientists in the laboratory start monkeying around with human genetic code, then they may be in for a heavy storm warning -- meteor showers!

  4. lburmaster profile image72
    lburmasterposted 11 years ago

    He or she probably won't have a soul. They will be cloned and humans cannot give a soul to something. That is not in our power.

  5. Godfrey McDonnell profile image61
    Godfrey McDonnellposted 11 years ago

    Very good question. I would not be at all surprized if human clones are with us already. The big guy knows he created something a bit special (all of us) and that by giving us choice some will make the wrong one as far as the big universal plan goes. I have faith that all eventualities are covered in that plan. A soul can do nothing without a body, but a body can do anything without recognizing his/her own soul. So maybe like the body all that is needed is the seed/recognition of (faith,hope and charity) life to kick things off, clone or not. Prejudice is evil not the clone. In fact it maybe that if the most evil human that ever lived was cloned he/she would live in another time and there would be no reason why he/she would not turn out to be a saint or something else very good for humanity. God would make sure that all who asked had souls of their own.

  6. Spongy0llama profile image81
    Spongy0llamaposted 11 years ago

    His soul will come from the same place that everyone else's does. The soul is just one of the many abstract aspects of our psychological makeup and anyone with a brain, clone or otherwise, will have a soul to go along with it.

    I doubt this is the kind of answer you're looking for though as I have no religious or spiritual beliefs.


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