My question is, could our perception of what linear time is, be what is actually

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  1. somethgblue profile image84
    somethgblueposted 7 years ago

    My question is, could our perception of what linear time is, be what is actually coming to an end?

    Could it be that what everyone thinks of as the end of time, is actually they way in which humanity perceives of time? To clarify the question, humanity ATM thinks in terms of the past, present and future. What if all of the predictions concerning the end of 'cycle' of time or end of an era actually be in the way humanity 'thinks' of time.
    Our perceptions of the world we live in certainly has held back our limited imagination, is time to bust loose in that department.
    I'm down . . . who is with me?

  2. Insane Mundane profile image59
    Insane Mundaneposted 7 years ago

    Time is an interesting but yet tricky concept.  It is funny you ask this because a few hours ago I was reading (in a book, not online) about light speeds and how they effect time, etc.  You know, cool stuff like if we travelled at close to the speed of light for an X amount of time and then returned to the Earth, that many years would have passed by and everybody we knew would be dead by then, hence forth a technical possibility to travel into the future by what we currently perceive as "future."
    Space and time can be hard for us to accept at face value, as we happen to live and move at speeds far less than the speed of light, and obviously so.
    Basically, if we were like light, time would almost blend to such a degree we wouldn't ponder over past, present and future...
    Just think if things got even faster, like from another plane of existence that funneled into this one; can you imagine the entire history of the universe, passing by within an instant?
    Anyway, yeah, I'm totally down with your notion!

  3. whonunuwho profile image69
    whonunuwhoposted 7 years ago

    Yes, i believe that is a human problem that we are unable to lose because as they say"it is the nature of the beast", as we believe there is a birth, life and death on a linear plain. What if all was never to die and all was as if a perception of what we call decay in the dead, and which in turn brings about new life from the ashes of the deceased. What if the universe as we see it to be, is nothing but a never ending cycle of death and rebirth and continues forever?It goes beyond human mind power in reality to fully understand infinity, yet infinity is. Our minds see only on a linear plane, yet we exist in a never ending cycle, or a revolving of what we conceive as time. I find it a marvel of existence that we as humans may have thoughts and form theories about why we were created or evolved. The why and what ifs, in life are without numbers, yet it is our human traits to so name and label every new challenge and question we encounter. the life that we share tell us all that there are limits and what we call limits to lengths of time we exist or a thing survives. Could the death or ceasing of a thing in purpose so proposed, be but a new form to be, and there is never any end to anything entirely? A very thought provoking question.

    1. Insane Mundane profile image59
      Insane Mundaneposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hey there...  I have thought those things many times over in the past.  Of course everything recycles, the cosmos dictates such.  Let me ask you this, can you imagine life without death?  How would life get another chance to do better without it?

    2. whonunuwho profile image69
      whonunuwhoposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, I agree with you on that, life another time around may well have a chance for improvement.

    3. somethgblue profile image84
      somethgblueposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Or life with the ability to choose the timing of your death.

      When we focus on the present time is not a consideration, it is only considered when we move from one focus to the next.

      Life lived only in the present would allow for self termination.

  4. CBartelmey profile image79
    CBartelmeyposted 7 years ago

    I think time is more complex than a linear plane moving in one direction and I have thought about how it could possibly be different, but you are correct, it is hard to even get a hint of what else time could look like because currently that linear plane is all that we can see.  I began to wonder about time after far too many dreams in which I would see something or experience something in that dream, and then later those same events would come to pass while I was not dreaming.  So something was to happen, I saw it before it actually ‘happened’ and then how should that change my perception of how time works?  As of yet I don’t know.  All I know is that I believe it has more depth than the one plane we can visually see, but I don’t know what that more depth fully entails. 

    We tend to categorize and catalog and time has helped us to do that, but does the universe need time?  If the universe needs to know everything that ever was and everything that is to be, then time would need to become a bit more broad than a single line moving in one direction.  If the universe needs Outcome C, but to get to C there had to have been Outcome B, and for B to happen there had to have been A, it would almost seem that in order for the universe to move forward, it would first have to look backward.  That would lend to the conclusion that time is vastly more encompassing than an outcome marching down a line. And it is interesting how you have tied that to the end of time predictions themselves, that is certainly a way of looking at it that I have never thought of.

    1. somethgblue profile image84
      somethgblueposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      If you have ever watched the show Fringe that is basically the how and why of Deja Vu as seeing events take place in another dimension and then manifesting them into our dimension. Time Travel?

      The next dimension must be without time . . . ?!


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