Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment buildin

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  1. Seckin Esen profile image89
    Seckin Esenposted 6 years ago

    Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment building? Why?

  2. lburmaster profile image81
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    If the payments were the same? Traditional house. There would be a lawn, a portch swing, a homely driveway, etc.

    1. Seckin Esen profile image89
      Seckin Esenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the answer Iburmaster.

  3. Goody5 profile image29
    Goody5posted 6 years ago

    A traditional house is for me, because it offers a little bit more in the way of privacy.

    1. Seckin Esen profile image89
      Seckin Esenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your answer Goody5.

  4. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    I have lived in a traditional house for years, but I would like to try living in a modern apartment for a short time.  I love the idea of the urban life style. I have been stuck in rural areas for a lot of years and miss the activity of the city.

    1. Seckin Esen profile image89
      Seckin Esenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your answer duffsmom.

  5. profile image0
    Moeskyposted 6 years ago

    I live presently in an apartment in Amsterdam - always dreamed of a cottage in France... Trouble is I also dream of a houseboat on the canals here, or a roomy loft overlooking those canals, or a penthouse apartment high over a city with grand views over the skylines. And I would be happy in a wooden shack on a beach somewhere tropical, or a villa in the desert...
    I like to live high when I'm in a city for the light and the views and the privacy (especially if I have access to a roof garden), but a traditional house feels more solid and protected, and you don't have neighbours under, over, left and right of you meaning you have to tread quietly or play piano quietly, or do anything quietly for fear of annoying others.
    Every type of housing has advantages and disadvantages. I can't say I have a favorite. I want to experience all types of living in all types of locations, and luckily for me I don't need to put my roots down permanently anywhere yet. Probably only do that when I find the perfect place.
    Next year my home will be a camperbus - so that's going to be interesting too.

    1. Seckin Esen profile image89
      Seckin Esenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much for your answer Moesky.

  6. elenagarcia profile image68
    elenagarciaposted 6 years ago

    I would prefer the apartment.  I grew up in a traditional home, and sadly, I currently live in one myself.  This means that I have the yard to care for, the property taxes to pay, and the maintanence.  So I guess you could say that my primary reason for choosing an apartment over a house is laziness.

    I've always dreamed of living in a not too fancy-dancy but nice apartment, preferrably in NYC (because I also dream of becoming a successful writer).  I did live in an apartment for a bit, and I enjoyed it very much. 

    Keeping up with an apartment is not as in depth as keeping up with a house.  One, there is no yard, therefore, no yard work.  Two, the area is more compact.  Cleaning and straightening up takes less time.  What takes me several hours to straingten up and clean in my house only took me about one or two in my apartment.

    Maintenance is a tad easier as well.  If something goes wrong, you call the super.  I didn't have to pay out of pocket to fix things at my apartment.  Yes, I had to wait for the super to finally make it to over my way, but it was still better than having to deal with it myself. 

    A big plus is that there are no property taxes.  I, along with many other homeoweners, detest having to pay property taxes.  They never stop going up.  Any beautifications or additions you make to your property is just an excuse for the taxes to be raised even more.  I often wonder, daydream, about the things I could do with the money I spend on property taxes.

    Those are just my top three reasons.  I enjoy the feel of an apartment, for lack of a better way to put it.  It feels more independant.  For me, an apartment feels like less of a commitment than a house.  A house is a very big commitment.  It's a huge long term responsibility whereas an apartment, though it does require a lease agreement, can be short term or long term, not lifelong if not so desired.  That's just how I see it.  Hmmmm, maybe my reasoning has a more deep rooted issue behind it.

    As for privacy, I've always been a rather quiet person.  I enjoy a quiet life.  As for rowdy neighbors, I've always been an understanding person with a high tolerance for things.  I don't let things get to me.  I'm a single mom so in living with my little one, I have learned the skill of tuning things out in order to concentrate. 

    Now, if I were to meet someone who would prefer to live in a house as a couple rather than an apartment, I would not be completely opposed to the idea, but he would have to be pretty darn special for me to compromise for.

    1. Seckin Esen profile image89
      Seckin Esenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much for your nice answer elenagarcia.


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