What are the best studying tips for a college student with ADHD?

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    Flossydellaposted 5 years ago

    What are the best studying tips for a college student with ADHD?

    I have ADHD but I do not want to take any medications. I am not doing so well in my classes. What are good studying tips? And how do you motivate yourself to study after working? I want to pass all of my classes.

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    Glassoposted 5 years ago

    Identify the best study environment that suits you. Some people study at the library while others study with some background noise Study in 15-20 minutes increments and take 5 min break in between. Whenever you feel like you are loosing focus take a break, usually 5-10 minutes. If you cannot concentrate o that subject after the break, change the subject. Never study the  day before exam!!! Create study plan. Use whatever study tools work best for you! It's useful to carry flash-cards around. Review them whenever you can. Sometimes it's helpful to use pictures and figures. A picture worth a thousand words. 
    Use planner, plan and schedule everything in :;classes, meal time, study time and other activities.
    I love to talk to my friends on Skype, watch TV shows and bunch of other things. However, i d not do any of those unless I'll spent some time studying. Sometimes I reward myself with concert ticket, going to a museum or to a movie.

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    paxwillposted 5 years ago

    If you are easily distracted, try studying 2 or 3 subjects at once.  For example, you start your math homework and your focus starts to dwindle, then begin reading your English assignment instead.  Then when that gets old, read your history assignment.  And when that starts to wear on you, go back to your math problems with fresh eyes.

    The key is to surround yourself with productive distractions in the form of other work you need to do. Good luck!