What's it like living in a community without a daily newspaper?

  1. maddot profile image80
    maddotposted 4 years ago

    What's it like living in a community without  a daily newspaper?

    Many regional/country areas have lost their hardcopy local newspaper. Some people now only get local news on the Internet. What effect has this had on your community: less information about local events, politcs, births, deaths, marriages, police? How does your community share information? Is Facebook the way you source what's happening in your local area? What about the people who don't use the Internet, how do they keep abreast of local issues?

  2. Grab a Controller profile image70
    Grab a Controllerposted 4 years ago

    Newspapers, unfortunately, are becoming an obsolete form of communication. Some use their smartphones, tablets, or computers to get their news via Facebook or newspaper websites. People who do not use or understand computers, internet, etc. still have a way to watch their local news stations to keep up with current events in their area.