What are the 10 effects of extreme and radical liberalism on the United States o

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What are the 10 effects of extreme and radical liberalism on the United States of America?


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    John Parksposted 4 years ago

    The worst effects of extreme progressiveness, is the breakdown of the traditional family.  Too many families today do not have both parents at home.  Kids need a father and a mother to raise them. 
    #2. Government has the idea that they are wiser than the parents and they force their agenda in the form of revisionist history and political correctness in the schools curriculum.  Common Core is a primary example of this policy.  Well the 2nd example brings us to the 3rd, and one of the most damaging lies that we popularly call, Political Correctness.
    Political Correctness is just another word for not standing up for what you believe, because you are afraid of what others will think.  It could also be called cowardice.  Too few people in society today will buck the winds of change that are overwhelming our way of life and threatening our freedoms, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
    The 4th really big problem has become the interpretation of the 1st Amendment.  Today, the popular interpretation has become, "Freedom from Religion."  Public displays of faith, are under attack by the extreme policies in effect today.  The constitution state; "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  That means people can exercise their faith freely.  It does not say that you cannot pray to whatever God you choose to serve, in a public arena.
    #5. The attack on the second amendment, "The Right to Bear Arms" is one of the primary ways totalitarian regimes have taken power over the people throughout modern history.  The Constitution has worked very well for a long time now.  It is an inspired document that was put together by wise men.  They designed our form of government for its' checks and balances.  Leave it the way it is and stop trying to re-interpret it to fit a political agenda.
    6th is a lack of leadership and role models.  Young people have the wrong people swaying their opinion and influencing their views.  Which takes us to number 7, Corruption in government.  We see so much moral failure and a complete lack of backbone in our government that their approval by the American people is at an all time low.
    #8 is directly related, Lobbiests, Corporations and Banks run the puppets that are beholding to them, so there is no resolve in Congress to control spending. #9 would be our unpaid debt that is unsustainable, and #10. would be the idea that people that support traditional values like me, are the problem.