In what ways is the premise of an entitled society highly toxic to the American

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    In what ways is the premise of an entitled society highly toxic to the American work ethic?

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    Billie Kelpinposted 4 years ago

    Whoever came up with the word "entitlement" should be in jail. That one word has caused more misunderstanding and prejudice than almost any word in the culture of the United States. Studies by linguist George Lakoff, Berkeley indicate exactly how damaging such words are to society. Who, living in a culture that has been fiercely independent, has honored self-sufficiency, rugged individualism, and the spirit of the Old West, could defend anything CALLED an "entitlement"?  You can't.  It's the WRONG WORD used for the safety net that WE as voters through our Representatives have CHOSEN as a society to protect those who fall through the cracks.  You can pick the relatively small percentage of US citizens who take advantage of "entitlements" or you can pick the hopefully small percentage of those receive CORPORATE ENTITLEMENTS and lay blame.  ('Some men do it with a six gun, some do it with a fountain pen').  But there is absolutely nothing but proliferation of our worse selves in doing that.   
    The severe judgment upon others as to how they find themselves in any predicament that would require help is unbecoming of Americans and indicates just how many people are privileged and have no concept of what that actually means. I'm ashamed of our inhumanity to "man".  It's based on prejudice, over-generalization, and false pride in our own accomplishments.  "There but for the grace of God, go I " has long been lost to a society indoctrinated by those whose greed would have us believe they are the all-holy.

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    CraftytotheCoreposted 4 years ago

    I look to my family for examples of this.

    My grandfather, being from a farming family, worked hard from a small boy.  Growing up driving truck back and forth to Providence to deliver potatoes.  Getting married young, raising a family, and never borrowing anything from anyone.  He believed in working for what you have.  He never owned a credit card or had a home loan.  He worked 3 jobs at once to support his growing family's needs, ultimately becoming a foreman at a factory making airplane parts.  He managed 400 employees at retirement.

    Then there are other people I know who hate the thought of working.  Time card?  Alarm clock?  They settle for whatever they can get for free.  They also teach their children how to beat the system.  Trust me, I know a family like this and it sickens me to tears.  This is one of this person's games....she showed up at church with her infant son dressed in a diaper.  This was me...running home to my stash of baby clothes that were my children's to get her enough for her children.  I came back with 6 contractor bags full of clothes, enough to last a year for each of her 3 children.  Do you think she took the clothes and was thankful to have them?  Nope.....two weeks later she showed up again, baby still in just a diaper.

    I learned afterward that she does this to get money out of people who feel sorry for her.  To me, that's toxic.  Just saying.