What causes people to deify celebrities, politicians, religious authorities, and

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What causes people to deify celebrities, politicians, religious authorities, and other powerful

    people while seeing themselves as inconsequential and powerless?


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    Tusitala Tomposted 4 years ago

    In Australian things are a little difference.  Here, everyone admires the 'little battler.'  This means they admire the person, whether he be actor, politician, sportsperson or businessman - anyone if he has become noticeable and stands out.   That is, his head is sticking out a bit higher than the crowds around him.   But once he makes it to the top there is no way they are 'diefied.'   Rather, the opposite occurs.  They are cut down.  Or in the very least denigrated. 

    This is known as the "Tall poppy syndrome."   It is common place in the 'land down under' where I live.   However, once the person 'retires' or 'dies' they are once again resurrected and placed on high.  It is then that they become legends.   

    Those who really are extremely gifted or talented in some area and are noticed, know the fate which generally awaits them in Australia.  So they pack up and leave for places like the USA or England and remain there, just occassionally coming back home to perform.   In this way they stay popular, and the scythe that cuts down the 'tall poppies,' is not used.   It's as if absence makes the heart grow stronger.   Yes, whilst overseas they 'do us proud.'   When they're home again the question is asked.   "Who the hell do these guys think they are, Jesus Christ?"

    It applies equally to women as well as men.  However, to reiterate, once they 'retire' or 'pass away' they diefied to the point they often go down in our folklore with accomplishement biographied in books, radio and television documentaries.    They become far, far larger than they ever were in life.