What are the ways that many of the Silent and Baby Boom generations are so diver

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What are the ways that many of the Silent and Baby Boom generations are so divergently

    diametrically different in their old age than previous older generations, namely the GI and Lost generations?


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    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    One common adage often attributed to "baby boomers" is: "I refuse to grow up!" Simply put "baby boomers" have never embraced getting older or looking older.
    Unfortunately we were the generation that insisted kids NOT call us Mr. or Ms. when were in our 20s. Today most kids are introduced to adults by referring to them by first name. Many of us strove to be (friends) with our children. Looking back the use of Mr. and Ms. created a built in buffer of respect for children towards adults. There should be a major line between our worlds.
    We went through the war protests, the hippie peace and "free love" movements, created the drug counterculture, redefined relationships by making premarital sex and cohabitation prior to marriage the "norm"
    We pushed Rock & Roll, Disco, R&B, and Funk music to the forefront. We invented the personal computer which changed the world and we have created more billionaires at a quicker pace than other generation.
    In some instances we are the first generation where our children will have lived more tamed lives than we did! I can't imagine the children of Mick Jagger, Madonna, or Cher walking a "wilder" side of life than they did.
    "Baby Boomers" are more health conscious than previous generations too. We invest more time and money in looking, living, and feeling younger. We spend time in the gym, buy organic foods, take advantage of medical breakthroughs concerning dental, skin, varicose veins,  hair dyes, facelifts, breast lifts, hair implants, taking blue pills & pink pills to enhance sexual activity, invented the "cougar" and women in their 50s are still showing off their legs by wearing heels with mini skirts and dresses of the latest fashion when hitting the town. AARP membership has dropped despite the fact more people are in their target age group.
    We coined the phrases "60 is the new 40", "50 is the new 30"  and "40 is the new 20". Simply put "Baby Boomers" are fighting old age more than any previous generation ever did.

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      We are DEFINING the NEW definition of old.  The old notion of old is becoming a dinosaur.  Old is now sexy and right on.  We are saying that old age is positive as opposed to the GI & esoecially Lost generation.   We are not fighting old age at a