Would you rather have money or respect?

  1. kumarlaltu profile image73
    kumarlaltuposted 3 years ago

    Would you rather have money or respect?

    Think precisely ,money can buy you everything but without respect it only adds feathers to your unrealistic material world.Money is damn important now a days,but for its necessity to the needy.Respect is like a piece of paper once crumbled,it can't be perfect.Respect is earned not demanded,similarly if you respect money you respect your identity.   


  2. sherwani profile image61
    sherwaniposted 3 years ago

    The answer depends upon on what purpose you want either of them for, and if you care or not what other thinks of you.

    If you wish to help a needy or use money for some good use (not on yourself), and don't care what others think, then Money is good.

    And if you care about others and wish to have an extremely imp. role in others people life (as a guidance) then Respect is what you want.

    I wish to have both, but priority is for Respect then Money. Actually I won't live without Respect, but can live without Money.