What causes some Liberals to hate America, embrace the anti-captialistic and ant

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  1. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What causes some Liberals to hate America, embrace the anti-captialistic and anti-success mindset

    oftentimes criticizing others who yearn for a more steadfast America and respect the American values of free enterprise and success?


  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 4 years ago

    Honestly I believe both the liberals and conservatives love America! They just disagree on how to "improve" it.
    Over the years I've noticed these disagreements have led to personal attacks or accusation of being a socialist. FDR was accused of being a socialist for his "New Deal" programs along with Social Security, and Minimum wage laws.
    Obamacare is still a hot button issue. It was modeled off of Republican Mitt Romney's insurance plan to help address the long-term problem of some 24+ million people walking around without health insurance. The bill passed in (both) the Senate and Congress. It was upheld by the conservative Supreme Court and yet some people will still swear it's "illegal".
    Others who have (never read the bill) hate it simply because it's attached to Obama. In fact if it rains it's Obama's fault. Some form of national insurance has (always) been with the (Democrats) platform. This was not just an "Obama idea". Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton were pushing to have something similar during the 90s. Even going back as far as 1912 Republican Teddy Roosevelt was calling for some health protections.
    My point is this nothing new. Even if Obama were impeached and removed from office today, President Joe Biden is NOT going to repeal Obamacare!
    No matter who is president approximately 50% of the people aren't going to be happy with them because he/she was not the person (they wanted) in office. Right now no one approves much of either the president or congress. It has become so polarizing these days that if Obama is in favor of a (Republican) idea Republicans feel obligated to back away from their own ideas in order to avoid appearing as though they're willing to work with him.
    Some people say he's the "worst" U.S. President and yet when you look at the status of the country with regard to key performance indicators (stock market, interest rates, home values, and jobs) it cannot be denied that things have improved from when he entered office. The Jimmy Carter years were by far worst with double digit interest, Iran hostage crisis, and oil embargos.
    Either people have "short-term" memories of the "Great Recession" or simply put; if you don't "like the guy" there is (nothing) he could ever say or do that would make you happy short of his leaving the office or dying.
    It will be interesting to see what happens in 2016. Will the nation vote to elect another Democrat president or go with a Republican?
    Can't wait to see.

    1. jhamann profile image91
      jhamannposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      No positive successful role models throughout my 42 years of my life just sad mean antisocial poor people.

  3. junkseller profile image84
    junksellerposted 4 years ago

    You ignoring the reality of who and what liberals are and instead believing in a completely fictional strawman of what you think they are is a completely ridiculous endeavor.

    You are basically asking why your strawman has a blue flannel shirt on instead of a red one. How the hell should anyone know. You built the damn thing.

    I don't know if I would call liberals anti-capitalists at all. Many of them have some concerns about flaws in the capitalist system and seek to remedy those flaws. Nothing terrible about that. And obviously, no one is anti-success. That is just plain stupid.

    1. ChristinS profile image94
      ChristinSposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed. Most liberals I know are not "anti" capitalism, they are anti cronyism and anti corporatism - they seek balances in power. I'm as liberal as they come and I own my own business so not anti-capitalist in the least. These arguments do get old.


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