"Sunrise/set," do they go with present-day knowledge about the workings of the S

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    Donald Ogbaposted 3 years ago

    "Sunrise/set," do they go with present-day knowledge about the workings of the Solar system?

    Evidently, "The Solar System comprises the Sun and the objects that orbit it," including planet earth. If this is true, then, it is erroneous to describe what happens in the morning and evening as "sunrise" and "sunset" respectively. Since the Sun is stationary, it can neither rise nor set. Rather, it's earth and its inhabitants that actually rise and set on the sun. They were made up and became part of our accepted vocabulary when humans still believed the sun orbited around earth instead. Is it not high time we came up with terms that match what is presently known?


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    muse ivoryposted 3 years ago

    People don't like change. Remember the uproar over Pluto being down graded from a planet? What is the color black to the human eye? Yet we still refer to ourselves as black when as a people we are every shade from cream to Carmel to blue. And from a different perspective, it does appear to onlookers as it moves through the sky as though it's moving. Good debate point, but humans have known the fact you stated for hundreds of years. The words are what they are. My skin looks a wheatish yellow tan. My birth certificate says black. Let it go. What does it matter?