How to eradicate poverty from South Asia?

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    How to eradicate poverty from South Asia?

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    Since it is all connected, there must be a worldwide solution. State Capitalism, such as practiced in China, and the former Soviet Union is as incapable of doing this as the corrupt Capitalist system here in the United States. Only a new social paradigm based on a universal moral technology can solve this problem.

    Before poverty can be eradicated , Capitalism and Consumerism must also be eradicated. There is no current moral, socio-political system that can address this problem, although elements of existing systems can be useful in the development of a superior technology.

    Where to start? There are 3 important steps that must be taken together as a whole:

    • abolish the concept of land ownership and real estate
    • aggressive program of birth control
    • aggressive educational programs with equal emphasis on morality, as well  mathematics, language, and science etc.

    Land ownership is fundamentally evil, and it is from this corruption that all else flows. When we combine this with a lack of moral technology, and high birth rates, the only result can be abject poverty.

    An example: Any man can comfortably live on one acre of land.Free access to the land insures that no man will be homeless, or ever go hungry,  because he has been taught to feed himself with the sustenance provided by the land.His struggle would no longer be to acquire the land, but to only properly maintain his birthright. If the natural resources available could absorb ten children per household, then this is what the law would allow, otherwise it would be less accordingly. Beginning at the age of 5 years, when we add a program of moral instruction, as rigorous and as comprehensive as biology, or mathematics , we can understand that there would be a marked improvement in the overall standard of living.

    Although I have composed this answer to your question. The program I have outlined here is God's plan for mankind; a plan that has been written before in other words, by the great prophets of various religious, and philosophical disciplines. "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself", sums up my entire proposal. In order for mankind to eradicate poverty in South Asia, and throughout the world,along with what I have already suggested, a breed of man must also be eradicated: Those who would be kings, queens, slavemasters, land lords, war pigs, and politicians. If education and moral instruction cannot turn them around, then they must be removed by any means necessary. Osiyo!

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      nice answer, better plan for better world