Creationism vs Evolution?

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    the unnamedposted 3 years ago

    Creationism vs Evolution?

    Does the Big Bang prove evolution, or did God create everything? The purpose of this question is to learn everybody's opinion and to try to start a little debate. Feel free to give your opinion, but please be respectful to other people.

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    Robert the Bruceposted 3 years ago

    Great question!

    With all due respect, your opening sentence is flawed in regards to definitions. Most people assume that you must either believe evolution OR God created everything. However, the vast majority of evolutionary research deals with the development of the organic and non-living world based on evidence from all over the world. Evolution doesn't need to have an answer for the beginning for it to be true. Here are a few observations:

    (1) No one has yet to prove through empirical evidence just how everything came into existence. The Creationist (whether Christian or other) believes that a god (again depending on the religion) created all that exists from nothing. This of course cannot be proved in any concrete way. It's believed by faith based on either written or oral traditions. On the other hand, evolution has produced several theories about how the universe could have come into being through naturalistic means, but these theories are also unproven thus far. Most people agree that indeed a "Big Bang" was responsible for the beginning---who or what is responsible for the BB is the debatable point. 

    (2) Evolution is an established scientific system. It has been and is being observed today by scientists all over the world. As stated above, evolution makes sense of the evidence that IS available to us today, and that evidence overwhelmingly supports evolution. Almost the entire scientific community world-wide is agreed that evolution is the most probable and reasonable explanation for the development of the world and universe. Therefore, whether a god created everything or the universe arose through natural means, it is not necessary to be in conflict with evolution.

    Here are some helpful definitions dealing with science:

    This page will help reinforce the fact of evolution:

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    cjhunsingerposted 3 years ago

    The discovery of the event, which we call the Big Bang. is but an evolutionary step in the understanding of existence. By it self, what questions it answers only spurs 1000's more. That is the quest of the human mind, to ask a  question and then provide the answer. Often the answers are wrong, but the quest continues, as the  earth is no longer the center of the universe and the earth is not flat. Science is questions and answers, more question and better answers, as opposed to a theism, which blunts the human mind to a dead end of inquiry.
    Evolution is not to be believed in, as one believes in a god, it is to be questioned and improved upon. It is a process of attained and accumulated knowledge, which serves but one purpose, to ask more questions and learn more knowledge.