List some amazing people who we don't know about but should

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    someblogsposted 3 years ago

    List some amazing people who we don't know about but should

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    Naveed Ahmed 624posted 3 years ago

    I suggest read the biographies of Muhammad (PBUH), the Prophet of Islam and developing an understanding of his real aim in life as contrary to the stereotyped views in the society. He was a great reformer, leader, ruler, judge, relative (by any name e.g. father, husband, sun etc.), friend and companion, teacher and practical example of all his teachings. No biography about any person is as detailed, authentic and that reliable as of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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    KU37posted 3 years ago

    Franz W. Kuhn made a discovery of a fascinating Chinese document.  I don't much about Franz W. Kuhn, but I think the document he discovered and translated is amazing and you should know about it.  The translation is referred to as the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge.  It is simply a list (more specifically, a taxonomy) of all the animals of the world.  It divides them into fourteen categories, and the English translation of it is a vivid (and funny) demonstration of the problem that different world cultures and languages have in trying to understand each other.