What Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us about tooth brushing

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    According to An-Nawawi, tooth brushing is the verb and the tool in which we use for this purpose is called tooth brush, or tooth stick"miswaak".

    What Prophet Mohammad told us about tooth brushing:
    On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported: the Messenger of Allah( may peace be upon him) said: were it not that I might over-burden my people I would have ordered them to use siwaak (tooth-stick) at every time of the prayer, and in another transmit, in every ablution. Narrated by the two Imams of hadith.

    On the authority of Abdullah ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah said: " keep on doing tooth brushing because it cleans the mouth and pleasures Allah" narrated by al-Byhaki and al-Bukhari. And according to Aisha said tooth brushing cleans the mouth and pleasures Allah" narrated by ibn Majah from abi umamah, may Allah be pleased with them.

    Islamic jurisprudence on tooth brushing:
    An- Nawawi said it is sunnah and not compulsory in any condition through the consensus of the scholars.

    The mouth is the entry for food and drinks and it is connected to the outer world, therefore it is exposed more to the germs which we call orogerminal group like staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococcus, lactobacillus, bacilli and spirochaeta. These germs are inactive in the healthy person, but it could be contagious and harmful if the food remaining were in the mouth and between the teeth until it ferments by the germs leading to bad smell, tooth decay or salts accretion around the teeth which could result in (dental calculus) or gingivitis and pyorrhea. Furthermore, these germs could move to far areas in the body making various infections like, gastritis, sinusitis or tracheitis and it may cause abscess in different places in the body, moreover it may lead to pyotoxinemia or blood full of germs causing pyrectic diseases. It is known that the most important thing to take care of in the mouth is the teeth, thus they have important functions and their diseases have a big impact on the public health. Therefore, tooth brushing" siwaak" can prevent these diseases, in fact  the saliva has condensed salts and if they were in a surface that is far from the natural cleaning motions like the tongue movement or unnatural like tooth brushing, these salts will deposit especially in the gum forming dental plaque. Then the germs react with the food remaining, especially sugars that exist in the mouth, forming organic acids that dissolve the enamel then the dentine. The tooth decay becomes bigger when the carelessness of the mouth cleaning continues.


    In sunnah it is mentioned that the prophet Mohammad used a tooth stick made of" al-araak" (salvadora persica) and the araak tree is from the araakic family which is always green. It grows in the hot areas in Aseer and Jeezan in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Goor Al-Saad (near Jerusalem), Yemen, South Africa and India. Tooth stick is taken from its root and small bushes.

    info source:
    http://w w w.55a.net/eng/9.htm (without space)

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    Thanks for giving me hand smile. I will definitely muse over this. Do you mind if after musing I ask for clarification if I have questions I can't solve myself?

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    Certainly not.