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What are the TEN MAIN THINGS that constitutes irresponsible parenting? What mak

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What are the TEN MAIN THINGS that constitutes irresponsible parenting?  What makes some parents

    act mindlessly, selfishly, immaturely, & irresponsibly regarding the emotional, psychological, & socioeconomic welfare of their children?


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    Express10posted 3 years ago

    One through five would be detachment, neglect, abuse, selfishness, and lack of parenting skills. Six through ten would be a lack of planning, a lack of money, a lack of goal setting skills, being a friend rather than a parent, and a refusal to learn and improve and/or a lack of education.

    Some parents choose to do any or all of these things because they are lazy, ill informed or ill equipped to be parents. Too many people become parents without giving the real hard tasks of it a second thought and their lack of planning often causes a lackluster life (at best) for them and their offspring.

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    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    My top 10 in random order:
    1. Lack of finances to properly provide the basic human necessities (food, clothing,shelter, and secure housing)
    2. Spoiling your children with materials in spite of the fact that your living situation and financial outlook is negative.
    3. Use of foul language in front of your children and relating to them in a hostile manner. Constantly yelling at children is not psychologically healthy. 
    4. Putting down a child's mother or father. You are insulting 1/2 of who they are.  It's not the child's fault that you chose poorly.
    5. Sweeping emotions from physical/mental abuse and sexual molestation/assault under the rug instead of seeking professional help.
    6. Not setting an example in terms of how to carry yourself in the future as a man/woman.  That includes revolving multiple men/women in your life.
    7. Not teaching moral guidelines or imparting spirituality.  If you raise a child with no sense of right or wrong, you unleash parasites on society that no only harm themselves but others.
    8. Raising your children with a sense of entitlement.  You need to work and take the steps necessary to secure the future you want.  No one is supposed to rescue you from being responsible.
    9. Allowing children to take part in adult conversations, ghetto videos, and reality tv programming that gives the message that you can be as rachet as you want and obtain money and fame by conducting yourself in such ways.  Putting your hands on someone else results in criminal charges and jail time not your own reality tv show.
    10. Teaching your children that underachievement and failure is acceptable in life.

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