To parents of elementary, junior high, & high school students, what would you do

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    To parents of elementary, junior high, & high school students, what would you do if your child

    informed you that his/her teacher regularly scapegoated him/her for no reason other than this teacher having a strong dislike,even a hatred or animus towards your child? Perhaps you can write a hub on this.There are some teachers who scapegoat children for no logical reason.This particular teacher may target your child because he/she may be introverted/shy/quiet, sensitive, highly intelligent-even prodigious or extremely mature, or in the eyes of the teacher, the child may be different from the other children in the class.Many teachers are highly intolerant of what upsets their status quo.

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    ChristinSposted 3 years ago

    I had 2 teachers who did this to me and my mother never really did anything about it because she felt it would get worse for me if she did.  Unfortunately, that made it very difficult, because I couldn't get out of those classes and I had to suck up that kind of verbal and emotional bullying. 

    My oldest son is very bright and also very unusual.  His teachers for the most part have done their best to elevate his confidence in his intellectual capabilities and I'm thankful for that.  Socially he struggles a bit but the staff of this school have a no nonsense policy for bullying and they enforce it with vigor so far.

    I have made a point of telling them regularly how I appreciate this district so much for how they manage these kids.  There are bullies yes - but they face consequences here, including teachers.  There is only one teacher my son has complained about being a bit difficult - but it's not in a bullying way, more he pushes them to do their best work and if they come unprepared he boots them out of class - no excuses, no exceptions.  The kids don't like it, but I think he's teaching responsibility. Tough love can be valuable when properly applied.

    If he had teachers like mine that belittled and embarrassed him in front of the class, you can bet I'd be at every board meeting, in the principals office and rallying other parents.   I would not tolerate any teacher doing what was done to me.  I hated school because of that and if you can't deal with young people without resorting to that, you need another profession.

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      Very well stated.  It is so sad that your mother was not in your corner & defended you against those teachers.