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What makes so many conservative, dogmatic, fundamentalist, and traditional relig

  1. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What makes so many conservative, dogmatic, fundamentalist, and traditional religionists have an

    aberrant phobic fear of progress and/or modernity, preferring to be ensconced in beliefs and methodology which are outdated, even slowly being irrelevant in our post-modern, 21st century culture and society?


  2. Travis Kaoulla profile image84
    Travis Kaoullaposted 3 years ago

    Please don't generalize like that.

    First of all, how do we define progress. If I earn a promotion at work, that means somebody else didn't. My progress is somebody else's setback. Do you see what I'm getting at?

  3. feenix profile image61
    feenixposted 3 years ago

    Grace, the key word here is "TRADITIONAL."

    And, up until recently, it was "traditional" in US society for people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and not to be overly-reliant on government and other powers that be. And it was also "traditional" for adult men and women to teach their children to be productive, law-abiding citizens and not to leave it all up to the public schools and other entities ... and I could go on.

    What I am driving up to is, because much of US society is abandoning -- at warp speed -- many of the "traditional" rules and values that are at the root of the  USA's "success story," the nation is experiencing a number of vast social and economic problems that it may not be able to recover from.

    In summation, and in my opinion, hardly anyone has a "phobic fear of progress and/or modernity." It is just that many of us out here thoroughly realize that in order for the nation to survive and to continue to advance, we must not stop adhering to a number of "old-fashioned rules and values."

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    peter565posted 3 years ago

    Well, we know for a fact western traditional value believe in "hate people of other race" 'hate none Catholics" "kill all Jews" (Do you know the Catholic church actually endorse Hitler killing Jews and the nuns help to set up concentration camps?) "burn everybody that contradict the church as witches" and the modern progress in western society, is over throwing everything western traditional value stand for.  I mean we now even have a black guy as the President of the US, I highly doubt the KKK would be very happy about it.  The church have lesser influence today, then ever.  And how Jews are been accepted, I highly doubt the Neo Nazis are going to be happy about it.  Instead of following the teaching of the Catholic church and get all gay people to stand in a straight line and execute them via firing squad, we respect their alternative live style, even if we don't agree with them, I highly doubt the Catholic church is going to be too happy about it and Catholic extremists are going to be happy about it.  In addition, historians are digging up false history written up by conservative and restoring history, many over throwing the western traditional concept of "white people are the superior race" for example, do you know the modern university system was invented in Egypt during the 13th century, not a western invention?  Racist people during that time distort history to let white people take credit for both western and none western contribution to the world, which is why today, we in the west think the west invented everything and now with so many western academic working to restore these history, many conservatives are furious, because it undermine the idea white people are superior, I remember in a book written by Dr. Tonio Andrade it wrote about how some people are furious at historical fact that undermine the superiority of the west. http://press.princeton.edu/titles/9525.html