If any of you had less than positive, even negative, negaholic, hating, bullying

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    If any of you had less than positive, even negative, negaholic, hating, bullying, envious,soul

    devouring, even soul destroying mothers, how did you overcome the toxicity of your childhood environment in order to survive, even thrive?


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    Love Sourceposted 2 years ago

    I think its a process and a choice to pull your self out of the pit, up until 2013..ish I was a completely different person, I would see the negative in everything and portray that in my daily life, when I was at my lowest feeling everything was against me someone asked me a question that I really pondered on for a while until the penny dropped, I was asked " if you wasn't you and you were anybody else it doesn't matter who, ... would you like you" would you like being around and spending time with you..... my answer was NO,

    that's when I knew I had some sorting out to do, I hated the person I had become and I was under the illusion that it was everyone else out there against me!! I learnt everything is like looking in a mirror ,its all a reflection of inside emotions , if im down, moody, nasty, it doesn't take a genius to work out people wouldn't want to be around me, adding to my isolation which had knock on effects of other negative emotions...but if I was nicer, kinder relaxed etc. my life and world almost went up a level, we all know this deep down but sometimes we get so far down and without voicing our concerns  and changing our perceptions we cant see a way out.... I use my feelings daily as a guide if it feels horrible in a certain situation I drop it like a hot plate and run to something I enjoy however small I don't give much energy to worry's or what ifs, don't give your self a hard time....communication is defo a must! smile