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Maybe God Is Not Perfect?

  1. Phil Perez profile image79
    Phil Perezposted 2 years ago

    Maybe God Is Not Perfect?

    Assuming He exists, people might have been giving God the wrong definition. There has been countless amounts of contradiction when trying to explain God. Therefore, I have come to the very simple conclusion that God is not perfect, but instead, extremely powerful. As well almost having complete omniscience.

  2. Jeremy Gill profile image95
    Jeremy Gillposted 2 years ago

    Hmm.. I don't agree, but I'm certainly willing to discuss the topic. And I'll admit that even though I believe in God, I'm not 100% sure the Bible accurately describes Him; afterall, it was written by mortals.

    Some people believe God's presence in the universe to be obvious; Jesus's existence and the origin of the universe make it clear. To others, God seems to be nothing more than an imaginary figure conjured by the optimistic. Thus, God's existence is certainly not clear to everyone, and that causes a lot of controversy - maybe He wanted it that way? Free will and all that.

    1. Phil Perez profile image79
      Phil Perezposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Exactly, Jeremy. The book was written by people who are known for inaccuracies. It's really confusing to be sure what God's major plan was to do. Maybe his only use (to Himself) was to create the Universe and then "disappear" ? Who knows really...

  3. peachpurple profile image82
    peachpurpleposted 2 years ago

    It is not right to say God is not perfect, humans are the ones who are not perfect. We humans tend to do the wrongs even though God has created everything for us. That is my opinion

    1. Phil Perez profile image79
      Phil Perezposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Humans aren't perfect, and I agree that we make a lot of mistakes. But first we have to understand our logic so there is no room for error and contradiction. Once the contradiction stops, we can proceed onward to the next level of thought.

  4. word55 profile image73
    word55posted 2 years ago

    God is perfect in the way that He created us and food for our nourishment. He created us with purpose. There is no doubt that God is perfecto.

    1. Phil Perez profile image79
      Phil Perezposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      He did create us with purpose, but that is an insufficient answer to the argument.

  5. Buildreps profile image90
    Buildrepsposted 2 years ago

    You drew the right conclusion by following your own logic. I saw you study psychology and it seems you learned to think for yourself. The God of the bible is also called the Demiurge, which is the 'god' that shaped the material world. The Demiurge = the god of Christians.

    The Demiurge has no control over the world of souls and logically denies its existence (only one life, in heaven or hell). The Demiurge is also a jealous god, a god that doesn't want you to worship other gods. Let alone the highest God that resides in yourself. It's all there for whom has eyes to see, and brains to think.

    Try to read with your full logic (and unbiased) just the first verses of Genesis. You'll see there is something wrong in the interpretation followed by Christians. The bible implies there are more gods to whom the Demiurge was accountable.

    Christians worship a deity that is not omnipotent, not omniscience, not infallible, but powerful in the material world. The Demiurge is the 'boss' of the Archons, the dark angels, 144 in total.

    You can verify this information in the recovered Nag Hammadi Codex.

    1. Phil Perez profile image79
      Phil Perezposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you, Buildreps. So it's difficult to say if the Demiurge is the best God (because God implies the best). That's actually interesting that the Christian God (as interpreted by humans) is not actually perfect! I never knew that!

  6. manatita44 profile image82
    manatita44posted 2 years ago

    Maybe He isn't. We are using the limited mind to describe Something which is limitless. The old concept of a man in a geographical place called Heaven, is not the view of modern Seers. They speak, rather, of a Transcendental God who is always going beyond Itself. It is not static. It is Infinite and Immortal, yes, but also ever-transcending Its Perfection.

    They is no end and it is a continuous process, even in its state of Perfection and beyond this to Perfect Perfection. Where will you find limits in a birthless and deathless state. It is with you always, even unto the end of Time ...an evolutionary and constantly changing journey.

    1. Phil Perez profile image79
      Phil Perezposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Immortal doesn't necessarily mean perfection. I need more than that.

    2. manatita44 profile image82
      manatita44posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      My answer speaks not of Perfection but of Self-transcendence. Indeed I agreed with you at the beginning. Love is the only Reality: Conscious and unconditional Oneness to the Will of the Supreme. It is the domain of the Soul, the Mind cannot go there.