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Why is it assumed by American culture & society that extroverts are more intelli

  1. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Why is it assumed by American culture & society that extroverts are more intelligent, adept,

    sophisticated, and advanced while introverts are slow, backward, awkward, inept, and generally anti-social?  Do such stereotypes incense you?


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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    Confidence is generally an admired quality.
    Someone who takes the lead in introducing themselves, pulling a group together, making a speech, or giving a PowerPoint presentation without stumbling, stuttering, or avoiding eye contact is believed to be "sharp".
    On some level we believe if they didn't "know what they were doing" they would not jump into the center of the circle.
    In the ERP software industry the top sales rep earns more money than the software developers and pre-sales engineers or even the tech support managers.
    The person who brings in the "new business" is handsomely rewarded with high commissions. Extroverts tend to be "people persons" and enjoy engaging with others. He/she is the quarterback of the sales process but probably knows the least about actual product functionality!
    Nevertheless they don't hesitate to make phone calls or knock on doors. You don't need a degree to sale only ambition, determination, and proven track record to make great money.
    The perception of the introvert is they'd rather stare at their computer screen than have to go out and "press the flesh" with real people.
    Essentially the introvert is usually not "the face" of the company but rather a "tool"  to be used for providing the extravert answers.
    Even with TV shows the "hero" is the person who is (in the street) and not the brainiac sitting at a desk, running reports, an analyst, or sitting in a corner looking through a microscope. 
    It's not unusual for there to be some quiet animosity between the introvert and the extravert. The introvert oftentimes feels as though they do the real work and the extravert gets to bask in the glory. If the introvert is lucky the extravert might mention his/her name for helping them close the deal. However there are no president circle awards, all expense paid vacations, or special dinners for the introvert.
    Having said that most introverts don't want to become extraverts. However they do want the same type of recognition. Nevertheless it's hard for people to "like" or get to know someone who prefers to stay behind the scenes. These days you have "beat your own drum".

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    Extroversion is greatly prized, even deified in American culture & society.  They are viewed as the ideal prototype.  America values are extroverted ones.  Extroverts are viewed as friendly, gregarious & aggressive.  When Americans think of leaders, extroverts come to mind.  In fact, extroverts are seen as the ultimate leaders. 

    Besides that, extroverts are people persons and they are what comes to mind when people think of popularity.  People want to be around extroverts because of their exuberance and approachability. Extroverts are out there, active, and engaged.  Because they are assertive, people naturally assume that they are apt and intelligent.  In fact, extroverted people are considered to be intelligent because they are forthright people.  They are not ones to stay in the corner and to keep things to themselves. 

    On the other hand, introverts in American society are seen as suspect.  In fact, the introverted personality is antithetical to core American values. Introverts do not readily reveal themselves to others which makes others quite uneasy in their presence.  It is wondered who are introverts really.  Because they have a more subdued personality, they are oftentimes viewed as unwelcoming and standoffish by other people.  Also because they do not reveal themselves so easily or sometimes not at all, people considered them untrustworthy.   Other people see them as shy and timid because the latter do not exude exuberance. 

    Introverts are oftentimes marginalized, seen, and treated as the other.  They are considered to be inferior to extroverts.  Many introverts are viewed as slow, inept, and even backwards because they follow a quite different drummer than that of their extroverted counterparts.  They are oftentimes severely underestimated, being thought of as much less than they really are.  Introverts are frequently thought of as not leader potential because of their more subdued personality.  They are considered to have no personality nor oomph in comparison to extroverts who are considered bundles of personality.

    1. dashingscorpio profile image87
      dashingscorpioposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Extraverts are seen as being more "predictable". They're in your face and will tell you what is on their mind.
      While "introverts" keep their cards close to their chest. You never really know what they're thinking.
      People are uneasy with them.

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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    What make US currently the most powerful nation in the world?
    1. Currently the US have a government structure that is every effective to rule its nation [man made advantage]
    2. While generalizing the national leader of the US have been ethical and competent. [man made advantage]
    3. The mainstream US society, today, is one where don't create us them relationship base on race, religion, culture etc (although there are still groups such as KKK, they are the minor majority) [man made advantage]
    4. Good nationalism that encourage the people to unit as one, as a team. (Number 3 above, is one of the main reason this is possible, this won't be possible in for example a nation that differentiate base on race, religion, culture and have multiple, race, religion, culture group)[man made advantage]
    5. US is industrialized [man made advantage]
    6. US has a 1st world economy [man made advantage]
    7. good education standard [man made advantage]
    8. US have a mass population [nature advantage]
    9. US has a lot of land to be use to support such a large population. [nature advantage]
    10. US has a lot nature resources. [nature advantage]

    No other nations in the world, have all 10 of the above.  It should also be important to note, this is also the main reason, why ancient China was the most powerful.  And the reason it collapse is because by late 17th century lost number 1, of the above due to the rise of the Manchuria Empire, which as a result lost number 2 above, by late 18th century, and then lost number 6 above, which lead to the lost of number 7 above, which result in the lost of number 5 above, moving from industrialized, back to fully agriculture.

    Currently, most 1st world country has all the men made advantage that the US currently have, some probably even better then the US, in some or all arena. (other probably isn't doing it well enough in comparison to the US in some or all of these arena, but at least good enough) A few only have most of the advantage the US have(E.g. Australia and Canada are not industrialized.)

    But few of these nation share the same nature advantage the US have.

    All other nation that have some or all of the same nature advantage the US have very few of the man made advantage.  (E.g. India has a larger population then US, but it is a 3rd world nation.  China still has a 2nd world economy.  Brazil has a 2nd world economy, only semi industrialized,)

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    Michaela Osieckiposted 2 years ago

    The differences between an extrovert and introvert is in how they get their energy or "recharge". An extrovert draws energy from being around people and in groups - that's when they feel their best. The introvert on the other hand feels most at peace when they have quiet time alone to relax and de-stress. Not all extroverts are super boisterous and talkative just as not all introverts are quiet or antisocial - many of of introverts can put ourselves out there, meet people, and hobnob with the best of them. But it wears us out, whereas the extrovert can go all night.

    As a society though, we value the talkative go-getter and not the quiet confidence.

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    Shaktivaposted 2 years ago

    This does affect me.

    I'm social, spontaneous, like to help out but also an introvert.
    I like to think and need my introspection.

    People can't accept I need my time alone for recharge
    and so I often end up completely alone.

    I think it's their constant need for admiration, feeling wanted
    that drains my juices.