To Liberals & Progessives out there, do you believe that there is VERY LITTLE to

  1. gmwilliams profile image87
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    To Liberals & Progessives out there, do you believe that there is VERY LITTLE to NO opportunity that

    a lower, working, &/or lower middle class child will become educated & succeed in the United States today?  Do you further maintain that in postmodern American society, ONLY the middle, upper middle, & upper child will become educated & successful?

  2. Michaela Osiecki profile image79
    Michaela Osieckiposted 2 years ago

    Considering how great the wage gap and how many low-income students are sacked with ridiculously high education costs and loan interest rates, I do think there are few opportunities to get ahead if you're not willing to sacrifice housing and comfort to funnel all your funds into text books and course prices. There are few scholarship options for low-income students, mainly because there are few scholarships in general that are not directly related to sports - which cost money to participate in during high school....

    Going to school full-time also makes it very difficult to earn enough money to support oneself or one's family at the same time and I think a lot of people feel they have to forego an education to enter into the workplace and try to support their families.

    For those, like me, who did go to college and did take advantage of the grant and student loan programs, we're left with crippling debt and money-hungry loan agencies that don't care if we can't find a super solid paying job straight out the gate, even in this economy. I think the fear of that debt prevents many from jumping at the opportunity because there is no guarantee you'll find work in your field these days.