Everyday discussions of philosophy: have you ever wondered something but never w

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    Medvekomaposted 2 years ago

    Everyday discussions of philosophy: have you ever wondered something but never wrote it down?

    I think most of us have those moments when we sit down and think about something that caught our interest, be it either a book read, a movie watched or an exciting conversation had. I have gathered most of my philosophical inspiration from these moments, and would love to ask you to share yours. Have you ever had an idea you never shared because you considered it "silly" or "not noteworthy"? Feel free to post it here, I'd love to hear them. Do you often contemplate on things? Do you consider yourself a thinker or an actor?

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    Parimalpolymathposted 2 years ago

    Observing the silly decisions our politicians make, the prevalent prejudices and irrationalities that mars human discretion, I once thought that will not it be better to create powerful artificial intelligence programs and make it mandatory to know their 'opinions' before any policy is ratified by our parliament. Since we humans are never going to overcome all the bad instincts, and politicians will never going to stop fighting each other like groups of Chimpanzees, it seems worthy to give a thought to include 'wise' machines (devoid of irrationalities and prejudices) into our society...I hope my idea is not too ludicrous.

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    That people use inverse, even faulty "logic" & wonder why they are in the dire situation they are in.  It total perplexes me as to why people act upon & do things that are detrimental to them & their families.   It amazes me to the multillionth degree.  Like the woman who has six children but kvetches how everything is expensive & how hard it is to raise such children!  Hello, who told her & her husband to have that many children?   Don't complain to me how hard it is, should have used birth control, it is your fault! 

    The dire situation that people are in, they CREATE, no one else created it! It astounds me how people do what they want yet complain about the results of their actions.  Most people do not think at all but exist in an amoebic, instinctual state without any type of intellectual awareness.  It is sad really.  If people thought & acted more intelligently,  at least 80% of the world problems, especially poverty, would not exist!