What is the correlation between FEAR ....and PREJUDICE? How is prejudice entirel

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What is the correlation between FEAR ....and PREJUDICE? How is prejudice entirely based

    upon fear?  Analytical answers please.


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    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    The modern update of the photo above is black lives matter protestors screaming at people in the college library who don't virtue signal they agree, or the black brunch "protests" where they enter restaurants to harass people and laugh at those who grab children and run in fear of violence.

    Or, more realistically, the knockout game / polar bear hunting where blacks target whites with a blow to the head to see if they can knock someone out, occasionally killing and regularly disabling them. The one white guy who did it to a black was prosecuted by the DOJ, the thousands of cases of blacks on white get ignored except by local press.

    Then there are the Marines who were attacked when the black lives matter protestors come up to them and say, "Do black lives matter?", and they assaulted the men because they answered they just wanted to eat their lunch or refused to answer.

    These black violent thugs attacking people for entertainment, intentionally disrupting gatherings or assaulting others as punishment for not virtue signalling for their cause ARE causing many whites to fear them and discriminate against them out of fear.

    Even Jesse Jackson said he was worried about his wallet when a group of black gang bangers walked down the street - and now you have racial violence by blacks today on the theory it makes up for oppression that might have happened to ancestors 150 years ago.

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      Tamara, your answers are fantastic.  Thank you for responding to my questions, it is greatly appreciated.