Conservatives, what are the 10 steps you would implement to REDUCE, even ELIMINA

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    gmwilliamsposted 23 months ago

    Conservatives, what are the 10 steps you would implement to REDUCE, even ELIMINATE poverty

    in the United States?  What do YOU  believe are the MAIN causes of poverty in the United States?  Be honest, even brutally so.......

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 23 months ago

    I am neither conserv or lib, but one of the major probs causing poverty is the loss of jobs of the kind that made the US prosperous during the 50s. Over the last several decades these jobs were first lost through mergers and acquisitions that resulted in what I call Super Global Monopolies. These are for profit organizations that are too big to fail, and too huge for the US government to control. Control in the sense of making them conform to laws.

    These M&A resulted in diminishing the size and shape of the US middle class. The US middle class was the backbone of the US. Today that class has been severely reduced, many of which have fallen into the class below. Many others of that class have been forced out of the work class entirely for different reasons.

    Since the 70s, the US has gradually lost all of the manufacturing industries. They are either controlled by foreign powers, or their business has been taken offshore.

    Today, 46 million Americans are on food stamps. Those people that are working for wages pay a significant share of their after tax wages on healthcare insurance. While the US congress has taken away most of their tax deductions as a result of the 1986 Tax Reform Act. Just recently the US Congress increased the 7.5% medical deduction to 10%. This doesn't help the wage earner.

    Therefore, poverty in the US is a direct result of the loss of jobs and the redirection of the US to a service industry. The US wage earner has to pay more taxes, and more of its after tax money to pay for insurance, food, and housing. Taxing gasoline is the most burdensome on those people making low wages and having to commute some distance to get to their job.

    Our Imports severely outnumber our exports, and that also gives China a foothold into America. The US government has increased in size and scope since the 70s to become to costly and unproductive to the people.

    The public pension funds, the excellent healthcare insurance, retirement, and other benefits make government public servants treat like the Masters. While the Masters in the private sector have little to none of these same benefits.

    Decreasing the size and scope of the bloated and ineffective US government could put more money in the hands of the people.

    Remember, all the trillions given in taxes to the government to protect us, totally failed on 911.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 19 months ago

    1. Alter welfare programs to incentivize marriage instead of discourage it.
    2. Mandatory implanted contraception for all women in a household receiving welfare, whether food stamps, Section 8 housing, WIC. If you cannot afford the children you have, you can't be allowed to have more children. Earn enough to get off welfare or marry a man who supports you, then the implant can come out. Welfare spending goes down because far fewer children are born into that situation, and requiring the teens to have long term contraception until self supporting essentially eliminates teenaged unwed mothers, a family structure that nearly guarantees the next generation is trapped in poverty. Women with children who are on welfare can keep the children they have but not have more, so they don't end up trapped on welfare unable to work because they have yet another baby.
    3. Bring back vocational programs in high school and trade apprenticeships. We are wasting time and money sending people to college who are not college material and would earn more money in the skilled trades than flunking out of four year college.