How do you think these lost technology became lost

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    peter565posted 20 months ago

    How do you think these lost technology became lost

    Some modern science still can't replicate: (1) Air plane: Modern air plane is invented in the US during 19th century, but India once had air plane over 2000 years ago, Alexender the Great encounter it trying to conquer India, they were defeated by India air force, bombing them with oil bombs, lit on fire. (2) DNA: Archeology prove, Tibet once know about DNA over 1000 years ago. (3) The type of architect skill used to build pyramid in desert, people today still can't do it. (4) China got TV like tech 2000 years ago, plays pre recorded on bronze disk project onto wall via light.

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    Alessio Ganciposted 20 months ago

    I have also read about Indian air planes invented 2000 years ago (some people also says 4000 years ago). The so called "vimanas", also mentioned in some epic texts. However there is no proof these devices really existed in the past. We can say ancient people imagined something similar to the modern airplane (in an Egyptian tomb has been found something similar to a little model of an air plane model), but we cannot say for sure air planes existed in the ancient ages.

    If we can say that for sure, history would need to be revisited completely, and we should imagine something of a "cyclical progress" or, maybe, that some of modern inventions were imagined and elaborated in the past.

    Unluckily we cannot say this for sure. It would be arrogant to say "no, surely these technologies in the past didn't exist", because no one can know everything of the past, however we cannot say at the same time the opposite. We can just imagine and have an opinion about this!

    I never read about the "TV like" invention by China instead, but it would be interesting to know more.

    For sure, to answer your question, we should say an important thing: if these technologies really existed in the past (that's an hypotesis, but we cannot say such a revolutionary thing with certainty), we should also note many years passed and keeping all innovations intacted for many years is not always possible. Just think about all that ancient lost poems (for example, we will never know Ulysses' death mentioned in Homer's poems, because we have lost the ancient poems talking about this, and that's why legends about it had been developed): if these poems got lost, also every other thing could get lost, and so even hypotethical "technologies" may got lost some day,

    Unluckily we are talking about something we don't know, something which can get closer to science fiction, but surely these are interesting questions, that make study of history more fascinating.